My Body All Over Your Body: The Hugo Video Thread

can you not upload saved replays? if thats the case useless addition is useless

this is a video thread, any video is welcome of hugo. if you want specifics just search it on youtube yourself. just don’t be a dick to ppl. if u can record online training matches I would upload those but I don’t have a direct capture device as my friend has my Roxio. I do have a FLIP HD Camera tho.

Hi there. I found something pretty useful against Sagat.

EX Lariat Owns Fireballs, and Ryu/Seth Ultra Glitch

You can just do a l.lariat instead of the EX one and get a safejump

I’m pretty sure this does not work on sagat with a simple lariat. I have to try again.

looks good from here, your hitconfirms with claps looks on point, I need to work on those

How to Avoid fireball Spammers. This is just for newbies that don’t know what to use. Jumping with Hugo is a no, no.


On another note:

I think this is Alucard from the Arturo vids. Gotta experiment with what HP can and can’t punish

Nice finish vs Decapre. Will try to upload some of my matches with stuff like OS but i’m not a pro

Empty jumping is pretty good actually. At least in some match-ups. I know that vs DeeJay you’ll never get AAd by air slashers if you empty jump, you’ll laways land and block, and most of his AA normals will miss unless you’re really close.

s.HP stopped a cross up. I have mad homework to do tonight. Don’t know how viable it is yet.

The play isn’t that good but the AA is at 1:20.

should have turned inputs on to see when you hit the button. i think he just made a really bad jump. Now if it was an ambiguous cross up and stan hp auto corrected that would be different.

Nothing to study here imo

That was a vid I found on reddit. I’ll see what’s up with it tonight.

Regular lariat, dash forward, wait a bit, jump

These videos are great tech. Especially since its off of such a simple knockdown setup.

for those taht aren’t watching, basically after cr MK the following

  1. dash forward fierce clap (hits meaty)
  2. dash forward medium clap (whiffs, then use whatever eg meat squasher, moonsault, ultra 1)
  3. dash foward fierce clap, qcfx2 kkk (same meaty setup, but option selects ultra 2 to catch back dash)

the second video shows the same situation but the proper reaction to a delayed wake up

  1. after fierce clap immediately input ultra throw. will catch delayed wake up (you see the technical notification during the fierce clap apparently so its simple to set this up)

I like those a lot.

im the best hugo. check my ultra set ups and ex up grab thing escapes. so smart.


What’s great is if you noticed you can see if they DWU when you dash up and react accordingly instead of trying to input an doing an OS trying to catch something else. The only thing this set-up really loses to is Backdashes and Reversals but by expecting a reversal you can also react to the back dash with

Jibbo was telling me that he thinks after doing Lk Lariat whiffing Cr. mk and use it to time the same set-up.