mY BOi jRRRRRRR roooddddriiiigueeeezzzzz

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i cum to japan arcade joint… i saw my niggah jr motha fukin rodriguezz raping fukin house… how can u niggahs really not thinking that he aint the shit at 3s… you fukers be saying pyro is #1 or 5star is #1. da real niggah tha looks lik he looks #1 is my nigga jr… demonin niggah left n right… he be styyylin on them fools… styled on that cat gootekcs on his own event… wat a waste of mothea fuking time. u kno wut i mean jr… i flew from the BIG APPLe… ENNN WHYYY SEEE NIGGAH… none of this LA shit… thot i see the best… saw that cat pyro… but he aint like jr… ppl be trying to beat akuma . cannnnnoot… he’s akuma… god. creme de la creme.

i aint at yo level jr roddddd… always postin in caps… u the man… or u aint got money to fix that caps lock u kno wut i eamn… i can send u a keyboard… they r like $2 at the dollar store… get u 1 real cheap nigga.
u my hero.

  2. JAPAN


BYK to da motha fukin niggah

Suddenly I want to watch Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

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(and fanboys can’t say what rapper he might be, in the game. I guess he can be The Game with the LA logo covering up a butterfly, just barely)

AND NOBODY WANNA HEAR ABOUT YOU MASTURBATING ON YOUR JOINT OUTSIDE THE JAPAN ARCADE, i hope you aint do that damn thing in the joint on your joint with the double joints, DONT DO THAT SHIT EVEN OUTSIDE

This thread gave me worse diarrhea than the new board design…

In other news, the Human Torch was denied a bank loan.

No way this thread is real. Keyboard for 2$ at the dollar store made laugh tho lol.

i is all real son. if i was fake… id be a ghost…n only ghost i kno is ghostface killah… n he real.
jrod iz da real deal… he aint no ghost.

-Bee 2 da y n K


JROD isn’t ghostface either?

but you can call him J or you can call him Ray, “that was only funny for like 3 seconds” x 2 Simpsons pop culture drops


prob watches his own tape more than RayJ got his on repeat.

Old grey mashy aint what it used to be!
Aint what it used to be!
Aint what it used to be!

And now the crazy old man dancers!

Old grey mashy aint what it used to be!
Aint what it used to be!
Aint what it used to be!