My car was a stunt double for the SF Bonus round

Dhalsim was on the scene first.

Here’s the left overs.

Photobucket is being weird. I’ll post more later.

I’ll just link the album.

Anal bum cover

what happened?
what kind of car was it?
got insurance?
you sure it wasnt blanka?

Looks like you drive an Acura maybe a CL?

Damn dude that sucks

Driving then I see a spark.
Pulled over, then I saw the paint bubbling.
Popped the hood, then smoke everywhere.
Stepped out and it was YOGA INFERNO.

2003 Honda Accord and we JUST made the final payment on the car the morning
of that accident (last Friday). USAA is coming out to get the car from the lot and
to check the car out for stuff. Really sucks. Good bye tax refund. :T Blanka may
have been the second player.

Ah V6 accord.

You in the military? Or prior service?

No, just the son of a squid. :slight_smile:

Oh I see it now, the pictures of the interior showed up now ha ha. USAA is pretty straight though man, they usually take care of everyone, so i wouldn’t sweat it too much. The only thing that sucks is that you will have to go out and buy another car :frowning:

Yeah - I know they’re good. I just hope I can squeeze more out than just the KBB. I’m sure I can sling some deals but having extra scratch doesn’t hurt.

Crap man. Glad you made it out alive.