My Childhood Bully Convicted Murderer Death Penalty Completion Drinking Celebration!


My childhood bully turned convicted murderer remains alive [S]dies at the top of the hour[/S]. [S] for the Google Hangout. Bring choice adult beverage(s)[/S].

Edit: Video Posted to YouTube and in thread.

Edit 2. Confirmation of execution: Pending.

Edit 3: Briley Piper is still alive. I called Sioux Falls to confirm this. Most likely he still has plenty of appeals to use. Link to my video will be right below this. My video will still stay up. I stand by what I said, recorded, published, and shared while I was in that frame of mind for essentially the entire weekend. Yeah it was petty, not classy, immature, and more. That’s fine, I accept the criticism; this is SRK and I prefer an SRK from yesteryear where people could call someone else out if a disagreement was to be had with, at most, very little consequence. It sucks that I felt the need to walk down such a path to begin healing myself, but that is what ended up happening. If I could and had the means to do so, I’d go see Briley and start a conversation with a “Hello, how’s it goin?” or “How have ya been?”. This wasn’t something I imagined even doing around 72 hours ago. Around 3am Central this morning I ended up reading his MySpace page. It hasn’t been updated since 2008, but it provided me some valuable insight to what I assume to be is the man has become eight years removed from committing the crime. I never really viewed him as a human being for so long up until that point. Hell, if he speaks Spanish more fluently than I do, hats off to him! Sincerely. I can say I can move on, that he haunts me no more. How I ended up being able to do and say that was a particularly inglorious endeavor and I will forever live with that for as long as Google, YouTube, SRK, and its contents remain, preferably easily, accessible. MySpace profile --> Video link --> [media=youtube]R81ANCkf0eQ[/media]




His death will be painless. After that he obviously can’t feel anything. I would rather my enemies live long lives.


I just wish I could have FedEx’ed him a letter. Lucky bastard will hafta wait until I die in order to settle accounts with me.


At the same time what do you gain from this death .Did you ever confront him yourself ?


Obviously not.

Wishing death on others is so mean-spirited and ridiculous. And yet you see so much of it around these parts.


I met him once post-high school. He was a shall of his former self, I wanted to engage in a physical confrontation. It seemed pointless though, but I lived with hatred for him for a long time. I’m not trying to be correct or right, I am simply celebrating.


Very few people that I truly wished death upon. Briley Piper is one of those individuals.




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did he fuck you

come on you can tell us


I can understand him bearing a grudge against him.Its too late to celebrate overcoming him since he presumably never did

Your celebrating a hollow victory nobody wins anything.You never overcame him,the victims family still lost a child,Only thing is he is dead he presumably hasn’t been a threat too society for years.


OP couldnt get over a childhood bully

You can’t even go to his death but make a YT vid? OP confirmed for pussy.

I wish you had gone and then right before they kill him he looks at you and yells “HOLD DAT”


He made life hell for plenty of folks even by elementary school standards.


I wish mega death on all of you.


I’ll take the hollow victory. You’re right, I never really did overcome him, mentally or physically…until about 27+ minutes ago, at least mentally.


The Spartan, Leonidas, told Ephialtes best: “May you live forever”

But I have to ask. What’s to celebrate? He’s not being put down for him bullying you. He’s being put down for killing someone. And while I’m all for the death penalty to people who have legitimately been proven guilty of snuffing another’s life without justifiable cause, me, personally, I’d be fine with them rotting away, driven insane from boredom, eating shit food, and failing to take his own life repeatedly to fall into some sort of despair while I continue to not give two fucks about four fucks and carry on with whatever I’m doing.

It ain’t worth it to be keeping grudges. Every dog has his day. I don’t have time to waste my thoughts on crap like ‘vengance by proxy’, and neither should you.

It’s petty.


Dude, you’re ALWAYS the HOMIE, but the best thing you can do is not give this dude your time. Seeing as you already did, hopefully you move past it and come back to the PNW!


Honestly, you’re a better person then me. I can admit that. I have been petty since early Friday about this. I simply continued to see this through until over half an hour ago.


I read the name as ‘Billy Piper’ and got confused with an actress in the UK.


I would have liked to go to therapy to deal with this, but I simply did not take the opportunity to do so. I decided to do this as a form of therapy, though I know it was not the most mature of paths to take.