my clothes...

i figured i wouldnt get flamed since were allowed to post personal pics and whatnot here, so i just wanted share some of my work with the SRKers that might wanna see.i wanna eventually have my own clothing company,so on my spare time i deconstruct old (and new) clothing as well as make them from scratch and paint,sew,rip,mod whatever, hope u like it…if not,thats okay too.
street fashion isnt just dunks and hoodies IMO…

“rock howard-esque” mens half jacket:rofl:

vintage hoodie with printed eaglesold

modded a black euro-fit button up with collar and pocket flaps from a dickies work shirt

random painted paints i did a while ago:

recent graphic patched thermalsold

:u: The writing on the back of that last pic reminds me of Cowboy Bebop.


good shit, cuz it is. its part of the graphic from an old cowboy bebop shirt "the red dragons"good eye,:nunchuck:

Hideous! No offense!

:rofl: do you feel cool now? why waste your time AND offense my ass, then why didnt you just say you didnt like em? stfu,really…:shake::rolleyes: people h8 when they cant do it themselves…remember that…moron.:rofl:

:u: with that said, heres some more stuff for NON-idiotic people to look at if they feel like it:rolleyes:

this is how youll spot me at FRXI,:rofl: the vest has buttons on the back to keep the bandanas on:

another graphic thermal i did.

:u: its not really see through like that, i guess my camera just picked up on it,XD
an old M-65 that i added some studs to:

cosplay/harajuku gloves i made a while back.

please stop

I said no offense. You making them yourself is commendable, but its still gross looking.

You look like those wannabe goth rockers with a bad case of yellow fever. Knock it off.

lmfao if i could rep you i would

:rofl: you guys are crazy…

You need Chun-Li bracelets

LOL :rofl: :rofl:

well played.


Gotta agree with that ^^

Lyin’ ass nigga.

He really meant the thrift store selling those tacky iron on designs SOLD it to him to make those clothes.

I “sold” some chinese food to my stomach earlier. Shrimp + Chicken Lo Mein was the bidness.

haha, you figured wrong!

Damn son, I would totally be into this shit if I was any 2 of the below characteristics:

-A Naruto Cosplayer

eh, to each his own…