My Co-Worker has been missing for 3 days

Yeah I know this is a shot in the dark but if youre from Thunder Bay, Ontario and know anything please let the police know.

She was camping with her friends and wandered off on her own and hasnt been seen since. Its really weird to have something like this happen to someone you work with, everyone at work is devastated.

That sucks man, she looks like shes cute too.

Looks like shes filipina, shes suppose to be a badass in the woods man. i hope its not foul play because what kind of dude just splits up with someone while they are running with someone else…

No offense, but did everyone who is devastated know her? I hate it when people are real fake and act like they really care or knew the person when something happens, but they wouldn’t have even lifted a finger to help while the person was around.
That aside, hope they find her.

yeah they grew up with her and have been in the same youth group for like their whole lives.

well not all of them but like more than half


and ive heard at least 3 different things on what happened. One is that she was tired and wanted to go back to the place they were staying at, two is that she went off for a jog and to relax on her own in the woods, and three is the one in that article.

Best wishes go out to her friends and family. No one just ups and disappears for days at a time, especially while camping. Any females going should bring protection.

I can go ahead and copy this thread to your regional forum, but please let me know which one.

what region is toronto in?

keep us updated

lord quas.

atlantic north.

My first guess would be the guy that was with her before they “split up” while jogging, because honestly who ever splits up. People only “split up” in movies.

the johnson bros kidnapped her !!!

Probably not the best place for this. SRK will destroy and focus on any weakness. Might want to post this in the TASF thread if you already havent.

Aww man it does look like she’s Filipina…
Man, I hate to see my fellow flip’s[or any other race for that matter] go down…
Best of wishes

If only she were some white teenager the coverage would be huge.

Good luck and I’d hit it.