My collection

Hello, this is just some of my most recent stuff. Unfortunately, my other thread is gone (no surprise) and I didn’t feel mine fit anywhere (and I’m lazy to keep looking).

Anyway, the following was just exactly what I posted over at the Capcom forums.

: The guy on the bottom left was someone I tried to make up (big brother of the little kid on the right). Unfortunately, he looks way too much like Kyo Kusanagi there. I had a simple yet cool jacket designed for him too. White jacket, upto the thighs and maybe some black knitted bits or something.

Let’s face the music… : This one I started by random doodles like I normally do then, I decided to doodle something related to what I was listening to at the time. I realise Reno (near Vincent) and Vincent look…****e and Kadaj and Orochimaru look identicle but meh, I’m not that great at drawing.

Dante/vergil : The best DMC3 type Dante I have EVER done! Enjoy it…please…I may decide to colour it one day like I did one of my previous Ryu’s (the famous one in my sig).

Mixed stuff : Err…the guy in the top left (big face) just reminds me of Steven Chow (or was it Simon Chow? The guy in Kung Fu Hustle and lots of other stuff).

Kid : The little kid from the first one. This was done before the first link though (the first link was done very recently). I think he looks cool for a kid (about 10-12 years old he is).

Newperson : A new character I am trying to draw. He looks a lot like Hwoarang and I keep picturing him with orange hair and making him Korean as well…alas as I don’t want it to say “RIP OFF” on his head I picture him (or try to) with brown hair. Dark brown, maybe black.

Newperson2 : Same dude as above though just a full body sketch I did in about 5 minutes. He’s a happy guy, just so you’re aware. maybe a bit excited, but he’s friendly, happy guy.

Ryuback : As it says. Nothing special.

Snake : A fairly old Solid Snake I did. It’s not the best I’ve done. It’s average, maybe slightly less. Don’t really like it myself compared to the Snake shown in one of the links above.

Dante/Vergil/Mix : Did this a couple days ago. The centre stage dude is someone I just made up. Neck is a bit too long but his hair rocks.

Dante isn’t great. I like my other one much more. Vergil is alright. I’ve done better but it’ll do.

Anyway. that’s it! I’ve finally posted them. And quite a bit they were! Phew!

Thank you for looking (if you looked that is, if you didn’t GO BACK AND LOOK!)

If you miss my previous work, fear not, I may post them later.

And lastly, a super quick rough colour of Dante:

Hope you enjoyed them. Please comment. Thank you!

Ok. get ready to hear this.

buy a sketchbook, or at the least use computer paper. STOP drawing on lined paper. i do not mean to sound harsh, but if you want you or your art to be taken seriously, you have to start showing you’re serious.
you look like you can go places. but your first step is to buy a good sketch pad, and draw. every day. everything. not just people and characters. the more you draw, and the more you understand, the better artist you will become.

get some anatomy books and learn about bone and muscle structure, this will help a lot. if you have access to a model, nude or just your buddy posing for you in some sort of action shot, you will find this is also ideal.

keep it up.