My combo video

Have fun, enjoy

Eventscrubs is that way…

that seems a bit unfair…

Excuse me?

That video was legit. Some of the stuff is actually practical enough to use in a real match. A lot of it, actually. I especially liked the improvisation on Kuroda’s triple tatsu combo, instead of a third tatsu you cl. forward xx super. That was good.

Do you work with the OE dev team? You used some of the same editing techniques they used in their trailer for OE.

Thanks, though I doubt that much could be replicated in a real match, there are a lot of 1-framers and karas involved. Also, you’re incorrect about the last part of that combo, it was still a third tatsu, except cancelling into super. would’ve reset Urien and the super wouldn’t have hit.

No I do not, and my editing skills are just crap, haha.

I didn’t really mean the combos in their entirety, but the parts that make them up. It’s 3s, after all.

Don’t sell yourself short, you used what you needed to use when you needed to use it and that’s what makes a good editor. Not all the fancy effects.

Well i for one enjoyed it, good stuff

I do have one question.

In the Dark Blue (Oni-colored Akuma) vs Purplish Ibuki clip, you did anti air parry fierce land, red fireball and then magically ended up close enough to tatsu. Was that Fast forwarding, dash tatsu (and youtube dropped frames), or kara tatsu? That shit boggled my mind for a second. I watched again and figured walk up kara tatsu but the first frames of it were so quick it looked more like a dash.

Twds.Strong Kara Tatsu.

I really enjoyed the video, thanks for posting it. Loved the Dudley v. Q combo @1:48

Ah, I just saw it! Widescreen difference! The distance appeared to be too much but taking ws into consideration it really makes sense.

Thanks for that.

Nice video man. Looks like something KYSG would come up.

Thanks for posting.


It was kara mk/hk tatsu.

Thank you too. I have the most fun making stuff with Dudley!

I’m honored that you compare me to KYSG. :slight_smile:

Can’t watch on iPhone. Can you enable mobile viewing?

I would but for some reason I can’t change that setting anymore. Sorry.