My comic


Hey whats up guys it’s me again. Yet another post. Well anyways I wanted to show some of you guys my real stuff not just crappy sketches. Here is a first page to a sample comic I am doing. CnC good or bad. I’ll respect any comments.

Oh yeah I still need to texture it up. Anyone know any good texturing techniques?



yikes man, that shit looks so professional. Makes my comic look so… basic.

Your comic>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>my Comic.

I might post a few pages of it when I muster up enough Courage to do so.

May I ask what it about?


Ok that is seriously too high quality I feel so inferior now…


Once again, SFMC has proved himself of being the best artist on SRK:)
It’s so good, i don’t know what to post.
Peace out.


Pretty sweet. whenever your ready send me some shit i can probably hook you up. pm me and i’ll show you a couple of good texturing technique which can make you work a bit more gritty but not chessy like alot of the stuff ive seen.


panel variety is good. last panel, arms look short. and i think the coloring isnt very good, looks unclean.


A Panda Stands Alone, a man Swims up a Waterfall

OOooo, it so pretty I must touch it.

All the bodies like very damn good. Probobaly better than me unless I cheated and got some reference pictures of that exact pose. The faces are great but I do think they could be more solid, they aren’t 100% correct but pretty damn close.

The coloring is very, VERY good for a comic with mutiple pages, I am assuming. Demi-realism is become real popular with comics today.

Hey I am TRYING to make a high level comic and I don’t want to work on it until I can come up with some rock solid ideas. I am gonna make a thread in which you guys can help flesh out some ideas!


I would have thought you would have corrected me on any other body proportion as the last picture is the only pic I had to use reference for( used my sister should have used my bro, but he wasn’t around). It’s cool I respect your opinion though. As for coloring I’m not too fond of gradients and was going for the Xmen/Wildcats cross over look by Travis if you ever seen it. Very griddy and I wanted this to look even more griddy when I texture it up. Keep the crits going bro they are good as always.

Deonysios - Have courage to post your stuff. If you can post one pic in the past you can post anything. You give me too much props.

Mr twelve where have you been? Thanks man.

Shin Ryu long - I dont know about being the “best” here, as I have seen plenty of talent here that have the edge over me. Thanks for the props though

Sweet I’ll probably pm you later on. Thanks for the props though.

Gammon. What are you talking about idea wise? You got that badass story remember. I’m really digging it. If you are talking about character concept then don’t mind me. I’m sure you can whip it up cause I seen your story boards. Peace out guys and girls.


the shading on the characters are good, its some of the bg shading, i think its too soft, imo. and it the top panel, the floor, it isnt that smooth, its a bit blotchy, but maybe u wanted that.

as for the last pic, i still cant agree with it. the straps across his chest dont look right either, look very flat, and in comparison with the other pics of him, his limbs look shorter than they should be.

its kickass work tho man, especially the attention to the tiles, and the handrails and how neat it is, and the perspective is really good.


Very nice. It definately looks professional. The contrast is perfect. The only thing that looks out of place is the center posts in the subway car in the first panel. They start to look like toothpicks as they get closer to the vanishing point.


very nice, very professional looking. It has all the strengths of your style - controlled and confident linework, an incredible attention to detail, and a good grasp on perspective and anatomy. It really smacks of technical excellence.

Similarly, I feel it also has the (for lack of a better word) drawbacks of your style - the first two panels are very structured, almost to the point of static-ness. In the first panel, the train seems too… perfect. There needs to be more to break up the rhythm of all the repeating verticals. The 2 pieces of litter isn’t enough to do that, mainly because although it’s strewn on the floor it actually feels like it was meant to be there. In the second panel, I understand you wanted to convey that the train had stopped, but I feel that the full-frontal angle is kinda blah at this point.

But after writing those comments, it’s still better than what I can produce. So please feel free to disagree.



Oh Shit! Now this is what I was looking for! better than mine.


Daaaamn, that’s better than a lot of the anime I saw when I was actually in japan. Very good looking stuff there, add in a killer plot and you got yourself something you could publish easy.
-Keep it up


that shit rox yo… cant wait to see the rest… peace


SMFC has done it again. good stuff bro. :slight_smile: