My competitive beginnings as an Oni main- Road to Evo 2k14



Hey all you Oni lovers!

Recently (about 2.5 weeks ago or so) I started playing Street Fighter. After the hype of Evo, I started watching lots and lots of videos and enjoying it, but I definitely ended up saying to myself “Lets do this.”

I started out with Ryu, just like many places will tell you to do. After hours that turned into days focusing on fundamentals and execution (which I’m still pretty bad at both), I started to branch outword. When I got to Oni, I sort of got a really good feeling… I really enjoyed playing with him. So I searched for videos online and of course found The Book Of Oni (Thanks to MetalMusicMan!!). After watching this multiple times a day… at work on break, listening to it in the car, having it on in the background… I knew I was where I wanted to be as far as playing a character goes. That video is seriously nice.

Well, I just kind of wanted to cross-post what I posted in the main SSF4 forum here since i’m an Oni main, and could use all the Oni help I could get. Here it is:

And with that, I hope to hear from you guys, and learn, and play!



I do agree with you as well, but Oni is also a difficult in terms of competitions will go, but the harder path will also be the greatest one.
you will be beat out by other characters unless you play smart and never give a chance to be punished (easier said then done.) But Oni is a character most people don’t play, the top mains are Akuma, Cammy, Ryu, Ken, Adon, Sagat, Yung, Yang, Fei Long, and Zang. But if you Master Oni and win tournaments you will see others also moving to him as well.