My complaint to capcom about Hardest mode

i just want the world to know I’m disappointed by the Ai on Hardest in SFxTekken.
They rarely tag out when they are low on health and only do about 75% of the moves the character is capable of doing. I realize AI isn’t a big deal to most, but, it is to me cause i got crappy internet and lag to much online.

Also the command list could be easier to read, even the super easy commands I have no idea wtf I’m supposed to do on some chars.

explain your symbols more! if a WHITE arrow is pointing right does that mean I’m supposed to hold right then perform the moves in BLACK and RED i can talk more thoroughly about this if the Haters want me to… ill back off that for now…

And WTF!? Only a handful of battle stages? come on give me at least 15… places to choose from.
please at the least fix the AI

thanks for your time.

-concerned customer
-over 800 sf4 hours logged

Ranting thread is over there.