My connection is bad


The above is apparently a lie. When I play 3rd Strike, my Nat Type is yellow and I get two bars frequently, one of which games today was filled with lag that made the match unplayable. Every match in SFxT is 2 bars, with every one in twenty games being three bars. Needless to say, matches are typically filled with at least a small degree of lag that leads to frustrating moments. This is all after putting my PS3 to wired. I just don’t know what to do. For the record, I have Optimum Online Boost. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.


I believe connection quality dips a bit when you get into actual gameplay, because there is more data being transferred. So if you have two bars, you don’t know if it is closer to being 1 bar or 3 since the connection bars are just a ballpark display of your ping rating. Worst case scenario, it is closer to one, but it shows you two before the match. Then actual gameplay happens and it dips down to one or worse. Do you have neighbors stealing wifi constantly? Or anyone or other devices that could be sapping any kind of speed?


It sounds like your router is not configured properly for online play. Do some Googling and you’ll find plenty of guides for port forwarding, NAT configuration, etc.


Optimum online boost sounds like snake oil. Best way to improve internet speeds would be to properly configure your router to prioritize internet speeds to your console, of course you should have a wired connection, and don’t turn on programs that will suck away at your bandwidth.

Best thing to do is simply buy better internet, but obviously isn’t always financially feasible or even possible with certain IP monopolies in residential neighborhoods. Shout outs to poor American internet infrastructure.


Just enter your consoles LAN ip in the DMZ slot and that will put you on the outside of your firewall. those cheap netgears wont stop anything anyway. You could do it the right way and see what ports 3s uses and do port forwarding but it’s simpler to just add the console IP to the DMZ page on your router. GL!

And fyi, you can have decent bandwith with shitty ping and jitter. (although your ping looks fine) try the DMZ thing to see if it fixes things. if it does you can look up forwarding and do it the right way.


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Yeaaaaah. Not much you can do with a connection like that. Get on that FIOS son.