My contribution and request to/from the dudley community. Vids inside

Firstly, my contribution. As far as I know I haven’t seen an updated list (for AE) of what ducking straight to use in the EX MGB -> Ducking straight -> Lp.MGB Juggle. I went through each and every character a few days ago and 100% confirmed this list.

disclaimer If I put lp duck works it doesn’t mean Mp duck doesn’t, but I didn’t even test it, because I find LP duck straight much easier to land so if it can land at all I just wrote lp and moved on. Onto the list.

Ryu - Lp.
Ken - Lp.
Honda - Lp.
Ibuki - Mp.
Makoto - Lp.
Dudley - Lp.
Seth - Lp.
Gouken - Lp.
Akuma - Lp.
Gen - Lp.
Dan - Lp.
Sakura - Lp.
Oni - Lp.
Yun - Mp.
Juri - Lp.
Chun-Li - Lp.
Dhalsim - Lp.
Abel - Lp.
C.Viper - Lp.
M. Bison - Lp.
Sagat - Lp.
Cammy - Lp.
Dee Jay - Lp.
Cody - Lp.
Guy - Lp.
Hakan - Lp.
Yang - Mp.
Evil Ryu - Lp.
Guile - Lp.
Blanka - Doesn’t work at all.
Zangief - Lp.
Rufus - Lp.
El fuerte - Lp.
Vega - Lp.
Balrog - Lp.
Fei long - Lp.
T-hawk - Lp.
Adon - Lp.
Rose - Lp.

So basically you can do EX MGB -> lp duck straight -> lp MGB on every character except, yun/yang/ibuki/blanka. Yun/Yang/Ibuki you can combo the lp MGB if you do MP ducking straight (pretty tough), and blanka it doesn’t seem to work at all (please confirm?) Personally I always opt for this juggle unless ultra after the duck straight is gonna end the round, cause it pushes furthest into the corner and to my knowledge adds the most dmg/stun (without meter).
One other thing I noticed is that if you do Jumping HK on rose (no matter how close to her you land) You can’t do Jump hk, cr.lp, cr.lp into, you can only do one jab before is out of range. I think it works on everyone else though. Although doing 1 jab or even none is best vs everyone for less dmg scaling if your good enough at hit confirms.
Now onto my request. I’m linking my last 17 ranked matches I played today please view them and let me know what to work on (other than combos/hitconfirms) cause i’m much better at them offline. I feel my worst problem is staying in once I get in cause of my lack of knowledge of dudleys block strings, frame traps, and mixups (so advice in this area would be most appreciated) however I could be wrong and i’m just dead bad at some other aspect that’s getting me raped. Any and all critiquing would be very appreciated. :slight_smile: Thanks. I’ve only been playing ssf4 for like 6 months and dudley for 2 weeks, and its my first traditional FG so i know I suck, but I think i’m getting there.
Please watch all of them, or as many as you have time for, cause some are silly and don’t show the real me imo.
note The second match vs sagat and the one vs pink akuma, and the one vs the first yang (match 1) all lagged real bad. So don’t pay too much attention to those.
Thanks guys.
Vid links:

Laggy matches:

Also what’s up with the dudley boards? All of the character specific threads/video threads and stuff are all TERRIBLY incomplete or don’t exist or don’t have a bunch of vids in the first post etc…

if they’re so terribly incomplete why don’t you analyze them all? Read all stickies before creating one. Wtf is wrong with the Dudley boards is newcomers not reading stickies before creating post, I just answered your question.

Why post laggy matches? With laggy matches, you have no way to analyze a match whatsoever because Dudley can’t do shit in lag. Post quality matches that aren’t laggy and have almost perfect delay.

Anyway, I’ll check out the videos later on or tomorrow when I have time. Right now, Guard Crush is ON! :sunglasses:

i’ll watch after guard crush is done. idk if this was worth making a new thread though. there’s a video critique thread and a combo thread.

edit- lol mellow your post contradicts your name.

I use ducking upper and meaty set ups after that anyway.

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