My crap

Well after putting all of the Jill sprites together on a shoddy webpage, I kinda liked the way they were all organized for me to see. So I decided to toss together another shoddy webpage to organize all my avatars/ tags. (Yeah, yeah, shoddy and organized are oxymoronic, go away)

My crap

As stated it’s more of a retrospective/ look back than a portfolio of uber good stuffs. :slight_smile: And yeah, the layout suuuuuucks. I’m lazy. :smiley: I thought it would be fun for people to see what I’ve done though.

I’ve been stareing at this one for a good 30 mins now:eek:

I went from the link you had on SCN.

Man, you’ve never ceased to amaze me with the amount of patience and excellent standard of work you put out and I doubt you ever will.

What do you make those animations in anyway, IR?

And yeah, the layout is dooky, but we love ya anyway Eek.


wow eek your animations are awesome.


Thanks, guys. :smiley:

n8, that means a lot coming from you. :slight_smile:

edit: oops forgot to answer MC… IR of course.

Yea man EEK is awesome at animating
oh wait…u can become an animatOR:)

yeah i remember most of them

awesome work you claim the title of king of animation

They all suck :mad::D:p

u got some dope animation dude:cool:

That one you made for Penpen awesome!

Whoops, I can’t believe I missed this thread. Hi.

I missed your children.:frowning: