My custom build (includes full worklog)

Alright folks, just finished my first (and probably last!) custom stick today and thought I would post it up for everyone.

Used are a Sanwa JLF with white ball top, 6nr white Seimitsu PS-14-GNs with clear plungers and 2nr white PS-14-DNs. I got the Xbox logo from the Mad Catz pad I used. I got all my other parts as per this thread:

Total material cost was about 110.00, spent naff all on tools as it was built with considerable help from my Dad. I own nothing! :rofl:

Also just like to say a massive thanks to everyone on this forum. Before SFIV I wasn’t even aware of it and pretty much everything I’ve learnt about building my stick came via this place.

So here’s the worklog.

Parts as they arrived from

Initial cut of sides.

Milling sides square.

After tongues/grooves cut.

With layout on top.

Milling control panel square.

Control panel fit into box.

The fixings (temporarily screwed).

Marking the holes.

Holes marked.

Cutting main holes in perspex.


Cutting main holes in control panel.

Routing holes for side buttons.

Cutting out area on reverse for button washer space.

Cutting out for joystick mounting.

Cutting hole for joystick.

Countersinking for screws.

Cutting out for USB cable.

Setting up wiring layout.

Soldering pad.

Bolting down stick.

Mounting pcb.

At this point after connecting up it was ready to test. All worked out, but I realised my wiring was slightly out. Basically, I’d wired the A, B, X & Y buttons in the wrong place, as though you’d looked at the diamond from a different angle. Not much of an issue (everything worked fine and obviously could be mapped in-game) but I fancied making it right, so I did. That’s why in the final internal image the wire colours don’t match up as originally intended. Oh well.


Completed internals.

And the completed stick.

Completed stick


Wow what an awesome stick!! You have shown some good skill in making your own arcade stick!! Good Shit man. Im sure a lot of people will be impressed!!

Very nice, though I’m sure it’ll just make a lot of people jealous that they too do not have a father who owns all these wood working tools

Wish I was still in High School when I got into fighters… I had a woods class so I probably could have made a stick case.

Nice job man.


He’s a precision engineer, and has an absolute plethora of tools and the little bits and pieces that make using them much easier. Honestly, it’s unbelievable the amount of stuff he has stocked up.

looks pretty damn good. I wish I had tools like this at my disposal. Cheers.

Nice stick bro. It wasn’t very expensive either, that is nice.

Dang, any special name for that huge ass router you used there?

Nice housing joints too. Those would look cool on a case with a nice wood and clear finish.

very nice my friend. :smiley:

Man That is one badass First stick. Untill I get all those tools at my disposal I will just be buying HFS3 And modding them, ( Which is Fun too). I ordered from too and Hopeing it will get to my place on Tuesday.

P.S/ Why would this be your first and last stick?

looks like a drill press to me with a special base attachment…

nice job. I wish i had some of those tools, but then again even if i did, i wouldn’t have anywhere to put’em, :sad:.

Wow dude that is really really clean. What tool did you use for that? I’m really interested in making stick in the same methods just like that.
I’m kinda in the same boat as you, I have a relative that has every tool imaginable lol.

Yeah, it’s a milling machine/drill press that sits on a custom-made stand. It has a metal base that can be moved in four directions by means of circular handles and has lots of grooves for clamping. For some parts of the build we clamped a rotary table to it too - it can be seen in a few pics. That then introduces a circular motion too.

Apologies for not knowing the real names for these tools… :blush:

Very nice mate! Finish looks absolutely superb. If you would like to test it out against my cardboard stick give me a shout on live :wink:

I’ve also just noticed that the xbox button is sunk into the case a bit. Great idea, I’ve got a habit of reaching over my stick and forgetting which button is my guide and which is my start.

its all good

you did a great job by the way… the woodworking is very clean

the right tools for the job always makes a difference

why did you choose to mount the plexi directly on top of the box instead of making is sit flush with the case?

Raised plexiglass has the potential to look so sick, that’s why!

yea, I guess it does look kinda nice, I prefer it flush though

Damn, that is one unbelievable stick, especially for a first try.

Here’s a question from another joystick noob considering his first build: What on earth do you do if you don’t have a friend or relative who owns all these tools? I can lay my hands on a soldering gun and a Dremel, and possibly a power drill, but I have NO idea how I’d go about getting all this stuff done on my own.

Absolutely awesome stick :tup:

Shows what’s possible if you have the tools and skill for the job!!