My custom HRAP1 mod

Thanks to fubarduck and his HRAP modding guide. It spurred me on to do my own mod and also fix the biggest problem the HRAP 1 has.

Here are my efforts:

Dark HRAP v1
Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3

Light HRAP v1
Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3

Each HRAP has some laser printed artwork underneath like those custom sticks that you hardcore guys have, and a thin 0.8mm lexan (polycarbonate) sheet over the top. It was a real bastard to cut out the top sheet and get the button holes in the right place. I used a mini hack saw for the lexan.

The sticks are Seimitsu LS-32-02, and the buttons are Sanwa OBSF-30.

The buttons are a little colourful (in the US style), but is mainly for some of my work friends who don’t know where JAB or FIERCE is, so i figure telling them a button colour would be easier.

Oh you’ll notice I also removed the turbo switches because I’ve never used them, and they ate up artwork space. I also had a funny situation when one of my friends flicked the JAB auto fire on and couldn’t figure out why he was jabbing all the time. =p

The Light HRAP’s base has been spray painted with some regular white spray paint. One problem i did notice was the paint can get chipped off. It’s got a few tiny marks here and there. I guess one day I’ll have to give it a little touch up.

I’m totally in love with the mod, as I much prefer the LS-32 over the stock Sanwa JLF-TP-8Y-SK, and the Sanwa buttons are amazing. BIG THUMBS UP! Highly recommended to anyone who has problems using the stock HRAP.

I noticed people were interested in a HRAP template. If you’d like mine, let me know and I’ll upload it.

I pretty much used the line art diagram of the HRAP v1 on the HORI site as an initial guide to place my artwork. I then removed the metal plate from the HRAP and photocopied it, so i could get the exact shape and hole placement. After that I scanned in the photocopy and upscaled it to fit the artwork template. The measurements on the HORI site are exact and that is what I used.

Oh I’d also like to thank The Real Neo Geo for supplying me with the parts. If you’re in need of a wide range of Seimitsu or Sanwa parts then he is definitely someone to consider.

Thanks to UDON for the great artwork from their Street Fighter comic. And thanks to all those peeps who made the Neo Geo Pocket style sprites.

Now that is so nice :D! Can imagine that it was hard to cut out the lexan :/.
And you got the parts, that is the most important thing :).

PS: The “light” one is my favorite!

Just curious. Where did you find the Street Fighter logo? I want to use one for my custom stick design.

wow, holy shit that is nice. When you print out the arkwork did you just use a regular laser printer? Where can you get lexan? Did you get the street fighter logo from the comics?

:o can i get the artwork/template for the light stick? i can host it for you if you want

i am in the middle of modding my own hrap and your mods are the hotness

It’s from one of the UDON Street Fighter wallpapers. I think the one that is from the cover of Street Fighter issue 1, cuz the logo was sitting in a nice white space for easy cropping. Let me know if you want me to post the logo as a layered PSD

Not sure what kind of laser printer was used, as I had it printed at Kwik Kopy (a small printing franchise here is Australia). Their machine looked huge. Like a photocopier! The prints ended up costing $8.25 AUD each, and the paper is regular thickness. Nothing special.

The Lexan was from Bunnings Warehouse (here is Australia again), and it costs approx $24 AUD a metre. It comes off a giant roll, so it’s all rolly when you get it. I waited for AGES for it to flatten, but it only flattened a little, and still had a curve to it.

I can upload the template, but would like to keep the artwork unique to own sticks. Hope you can understand =]

I’ll upload a template for people to use when I get back from work.

Totally sick, I SO want to do something like this with my HRAP now because even tho it’s a great stick I absolutely DESPISE the mirror top and how easily dirty and scratched it gets.

If you can do that, I would be most appreciative.

the art + lexan is looking mad sexy.

im gonna be needing one of these templates. =D

Putting the lexan on top of the HRAP, wouldn’t that mean that the lexan isn’t flush with the casing of the HRAP? Doesn’t that get annoying?

But those are sexy sticks. Very nice job.

man, i’m jealous, this is what i wanted to do with my hrap before i sold it. taking out the turbo switches and adding artwork and shit.

nice ;]

Hey eggy,

I know its a lot, but do you thnk you can do a guide with some pics on how you did this. It would really help out a lot.


Thanks for the comments guys.

You mean is it raised a little higher than the base? yeah it is a tiny tiny bit. the trick is to rip off the super thick metallic sticker from the metal plate first. It shaves of almost 1 mm from the thickness of the top plate. Then you line up the artwork and put on the lexan. The lexan i got is as thin as the metallic sticker.

I’d say it’s 0.1mm raised, so I don’t notice it. :slight_smile:

Wish i had the time to do a detailed guide, but i hardly have much time for things these days. I wouldn’t be able to do pictures though. A lot of it was trial and error. I’ll see about writing up some kind of guide to details the steps i took. Let me know what kind of information you’re interested in, so i can concentrate on those parts.

A guide might be on hold, since I’m going to Malaysia and Thailand with my fiancee in 2 days, so it’ll be after i get back. ^^

At the above URL you’ll find the HRAP 1 template and street fighter logo as layered PSDs in ZIP files. You’ll need Winzip 10 to extract these as they are using bzip2 compression.

The template is 200dpi, and has the correct printing size in the image data. I’ve left indicators so you can see where the buttons and bolts go and don’t end up putting some pretty art in those spots. Also the template is only for the HRAP 1 button layout, but the size is still valid for other HRAPs.

Thanks for putting up the Street Fighter logo. Nice job on the sticks.

Hmm, I know this is a silly question, but how does one go about ripping the ultra thick metal sticker? I too am annoyed of it, and of the turbo switches and L1/L2. lol

either pick at the side of it with your finger nail or use a knife to create a split then pull it off. Do note, that once it comes off it’s hard to put back on. In actuality (is that a real word?) the sticker is made from a rubber or plastic with just a metallic finish on top.

To those that are waiting for the guide to this mod, I’ll get started on it once my friends decides whether he wants me to mod his one.

This mod is hawt- this is exactly what I wanted to do with that knock off Fighting Stick II that I just ordered. I wonder if the dimensions are the same for this psd? We’ll see in a couple of days.

Big thanks for the psd. BTW isn’t there some kind of special paint for plastics? Or you just used regular spray paint (car spray paint or regular spray paint)? No primer right?

thanks for the comments.

I’m not very knowledgable about plastic paints, so i just went to the hardware store and bought some white spray paint that mentioned it worked on plastics. I think i was kinda stupid and only bought the undercoat spray =p.

I’ll be needing to clean up my light one sometime in the future, since it’s get a few scratches here and there everytime i transport it. might give it another coat, and spray it with some protective coating.

For some reason your HRAP template has some error in it whenever I try to unzip it. :confused:

use new winzip…wont work with winrar

has to do with some new type of compression

just go to the winzip site and get it from there

ill post a picture of mine tomorrow… i just finished modding one i had…put lexan on it and artwork…and its mad fine!!!