My custom stick factory :)


Hey everyone !

To make it short, I was brought into fighting games by friends who were already quite into it and owned their own arcade stick(s). When I started playing more seriously I needed a stick of my own… And I couldn’t really afford to buy a brand new one. SO… Since I’m in a product design school, and I already saw that some people were making their own custom stick, I decided to do so…

So I came here to present you my blog where i’m posting my works, since as I made mine, I’ve been asked by friends or other people to make them a custom arcade stick.

I’m about to make the wolverine arcade stick you can see on the blog. I think i’ll start the production in the end of august. Then i’ll have two more orders to complete !

Da blog :

I’m opened to any (constructive) critics etc… Enjoy :slight_smile:

Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)

I really like the different shape of the wolverine rendering… cant wait to see the way it comes out!


Very, very, cool! The wolverine art is pretty sick! I’d love to see pics when completed.


Good stuff. Where are you located?


Very cool


Thanks you all ! :slight_smile:

I’ll take many pictures during the making and many more when it will be finished.

@ Midnightgreen : I’m located in France :slight_smile:


Go check John Aslarona’s artworks if you didn’t already. It’s a really good illustrator with a great personnal drawing style (imho).

website :
tmblr :

You should check some older artworks he made, like the kind of “zombie” wolverine… Pretty sick…

EDIT : Ah, found it

credits : John Aslarona

Enjoy :wink:


Hey !

There have been some updates on my blog with the final 3D renderings of the FINAL version of the Wolverine Stick. I’ve also starded crafting it since I received all the parts (joystick, pushbuttons, etc).


I created a facebook page, please follow the fan page to keep in touch and see the new sticks i’ll be making or reasearch skecthes i’ll be posting.

Link :

Thanks ! :slight_smile:


[double post…]



Here it is !

The wolverine stick is finished and delivered to its owner :slight_smile:

Here are the pics if you want to check how it looks !

Here is a link to the full album with more picture : Facebook album


That’s really great work - I hope you do more!


Nice! Wish u were in the US.


I’m finally settled, and I’m currently crafting a new one following Gunm theme. Check my fb if you want to follow the construction :slight_smile:


I like your designs, keep up the good work and B15 and Foehammer will have some major competition


What type of joystick is in this? Looks a little high…


its often hard to tell in photos, specially with the reflection in the picture.


It’s a JLF-TP-8YT. It’s just that the way I fix it makes them a little bit higher (on purpose). Give more room for the hand :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Although I don’t really feel in the same field, since they do a lot a productions, and reuse the same case shapes several times. Also, I’m no using CNC machines to make mines, all is done by hand with nothing more than a band saw, a sanding machine and sometimes a manual router. ^^