My custom stick - sagat art


I do not take credit for the building of this stick. I found the art, thought it was badass and picked the color scheme of everything on the stick to match the art (buttons and button rims, wood stain, knob/stick, etc.) More-or-less designed the look of the stick around the art but i also do not take credit for the art as well, was too lazy to make my own and this looked pretty sick. kudos to who painted this.

My friend chris who lives in cali (i’m NY) builds shit like this all the time, from sticks to entire cabinets and so i asked if he could build me a multi console (pc, ps3, and 360) stick. will be getting this in the mail this week or next week, as he just completed it. ended up being a whole summer long project as his wife had a child and the parts were backordered, so by the time this all came full swing was a good few months later.

i am just going to post a link to the page with all the pics (there are a decent amount) as it shows pics from first assembling it and building it to the finished product. let me know what you think, cant wait to start practicing with it. all parts are sanwa.



A new thread for a single stick wasn’t necessary. There’s a stickied thread for showing off your arcade sticks.

Anyway, nice stick, the case is quite nice.


sorry didnt really bother to look hard enough to see the sticky, just saw “talk about joysticks” so i posted in here, i posted in the sticky, this can be closed if an admin sees it