My Custom Vega Faceplate



What’s good fellow claws, I had the urge to go back and redo a design for a custom vega faceplate. What do you guys think? I’m using BossLogic’s tron-Vega recolored red, and I’m thinkin maybe standard white buttons for the main 6 and then red for kkk/ppp.


Very nicely done!


i think it’s a good looking faceplate… i just hate that particular pic of vega. But as far as the stuff you did. looks good.


I wanted something better but there’s not much out there. Best I could find :[


Wasn’t Kineda gonna do a Vega version of the world warrior? I would totally put that on instead.


You need to look through Gabriel’s stuff. Some of it is very NSFW, but she does some pretty ace works. You can find her on DA: Her link to her blog is on there. Trawl far enough and you’ll find some really good stuff.


I been harping on Kineda too for like the past 3 majors that I seen him at and finally at Revelations he gave me a wink and said, I got a Vega one for you. He better have my shit at EVO. LOL.


May I ask some advice?

I want to create a custom face plate but the resolution on the template is extremely large. How do you get your smaller assets to fit well without having to stretch them out and avoid pixelation?


You kind of don’t.
Providing you don’t have to stretch them too much, they actually come out pretty fine in the end. The resolution has to be 300DPI to print correctly.


Yeah like Francys said, it doesn’t HAVE to be 300 dpi and real big, it won’t come out pixelated it’ll just look a bit less smooth than you’d like.

I did my first TE with that same boss logic vega image, turned out just fine.


The art on red’s stick raised a question to me that has been nagging me for a while now, since the art has both versions of vega’s symbol.

What is the deal with symbol on vega’s mask why is it often made erronous making it like a “7”…I already had this question in my head because of a stick that is being made for me atm… then i finally discovered it today… original SF2 vega character potrait has the symbol on the right side of red’s art… but ever since then vega has had the symbol where the symbol curls back up from the bottom, like the symbol in the actual mask in the art.

Is it silly for me to wonder why it has changed from SF2 and if the current symbol actually means anything?
Or what the original even meant? questions questions… i do know i like the new symbol more for some reason :smiley:

On another note… Shadaloo is cooking up a Vega stick for me…It will still take a while, but i cant wait to show you guys the results! The mockups were awesome! :smiley:

Finally on topic, i like the faceplate, but much like vegaman, never had much love for that particular vega art… the other characters he “neoned” looked much better imo.


I didn’t even notice the difference emersion but I don’t think anything of it, trying to weed out details about the continuity and such in SF will drive you mad since the story is the worst excuse for even a fighting game story.

And I like this image the most out of all the Vega examples I’ve seen, not a lot of people really do him great justice in the way of artwork IMO but that particular picture I think is a realistic depiction of him; the feminine narcissistic beauty monger that he is.


So you kept the bits that I did on the top coming out of the turbo panel…

Though on my ow front…I’m kinda debating on making minor changes to my stick.
My current one is:

But was considering (It’s a mockup) changing it to this:

Minor colour changes…but still. Thoughts?


Well I made the template from scratch and changed it up, personally I don’t like the way it turned out it’s too dark and too simple; I plan on replacing it soon just not sure with what image.

I like the mockup, the fancy font for the phrase in the bottom right looks out of place to me though. Doesn’t really match the mechanical look of the border IMO.


I dig it. The opacity fade is nice, I think the checkerboard is a little overpowering without it. Good stuff.

If Kineda is comin’ out with a Vega world warrior then I’m waiting for that before getting this faceplate.


that u just bothers the hell outta me.


Deal with it.


stay living in the past UK… stay living in the past


Can you tell me where you found that picture of Vega, I can’t find it anywhere, went through the entire catalog of pictures on DA relating to balrog and vega, searched to the end of the list on google, can’t find it.


An artist called “Gabriel” She’s Japanese and pretty much draws nothing but claw. I posted up there somewhere about it ^