My dad thinks the incredible hulk is real


So i bought two movies at HMV for him. Nortons hulk and max payne. He’s 74 years old and i tell him im going to put the hulk on for him. He says the hulk? i saw him doing an interview on television hes done something like 37 movies. We start argueing I show him the cover, positive that once he sees the green monster that it will clear things up. He walks into the kitchen and looks at the cover with a magnifying glass and just studies it. He says its a real person. I asked him if he was confused with hulk hogan no says its the incredible “hunk”.

Anyone elses parents senile? :rofl:

edit: Ah its no longer funny now that hes talking about Lou Ferrigno

but i dont think made 37 movies


Wow…that…that’s just…something. Does he dial phone numbers he hears in movies?


someones had one too many gamma blasts to the dome.


yo if this a troll thread or it’s not…amazing haha.

does he do paint by numbers too?


hypnotic and Hennessey will do that to ya


my mom had this big long discussion yesterday about how some dude wrote a book on how to win the lottery. Now she wants this book, because ‘there just has to be a pattern’. She got really mad when I tried to explain how “random” works

I love you, Ma :stuck_out_tongue:


Your dad is right there is a real incredible hulk:


he’s not the hulk unless his power is drawn from pure rage


I got Lou Ferango mad at me last year at Comic Con…Its so funny he was smiling & then all of sudden he had that look where he would tear me apart…hahaha, ill try to look for those pics!


Lol what did u do to make him hulk out?

Did u offer him ur Asian wife to appease him?


lmao @ Lou Ferango :rofl:


pull your dad’s pants down.


I was taking pictures & he pointed to sign saying no pictures! I kept taking them & he stood up from his chair & then i ran while still taking pictures…


lol Adam West pulled the same shit on me last summer. He also had a crack security squad to enforce his crazy ideals


Oh please say you still have those pics somewhere. Real Life Hulk Out needs to be shared.


How does a thread with so much potential for bad, also house such potential for awesome?

Gotta be the SRK Effect. ?

Anyways, on topic:

My dad believes that everything that the Republicans stand for is just, and good whereas whatever the Democrats stand for is evil, and Un-American. When I asked him to elaborate what he, himself, believes is good and valuable, it was,*** to the letter***, what the Democrats stand for. And yet he still votes a 100% Republican ticket. And yet he cannot fathom how the country has gotten the way it has. Go figure.

As I see it.


pull ur dads pants down.


My dad, quite literally, has no ass. :rofl:

My dad was sporting “the hood look”, in kakkis, no less, waaaay before it was hood.

As I see it.


no… pull them down from the front

tell him you aren’t afraid of him anymore


You misapprehend.

Lack of having an ass=ankle pants syndrome, AKA the hood look.

And I do fear briefs on an old dude, man.

That shit is terrifying to behold.

As I see it.