My DC Agetec Stick burns my ports!

Ive had a DC agetec stick un-moded for about 4 years now and i stopped using it 2 years ago cause it started burning out dc ports.

Can anyone help me figure out as to how i can fix this problem so that it can become usable again?

Ive opened it up and it seems fine to my eye.

never mind problem solved by mr. rock

care to explain how it was solved?

theres a resistor on the controller port you replace

that should be all

actually what happened was that the cord connecting from the board to the dc had a short so i replaced it with the one from my pad by diconnecting it from the forks and replacing thats all.

His cord was bad and he replaced it. Im not sure why it would blow his ports other than just registering his stick inactive. I think his DCs that were affected have since been fixed since it was such a long time ago.

If the bad cable had exposed wires, then it would fry the DC fuse as soon as the +5v touched either the ground or sense (which is connected to ground on the controller).

Well duh, I wire up p360s all the time to DC pads but I forgot that theres power in the cord. LOL