My dc is not turning on

I was playin my dc on saturday night and i turned it off to o to bed… i tried to play it on sunday but when i turned it on it shut off… i pressed the power button to turn it off then back on but the power wouldnt go on… i let it sit for a while and i tried turning it back on… it stayed on for a total of 3 secs then shut off again… anyone have any possible problems that could be goin on??:shake:

EDIT: ARGGGG Now i gotta play the Xbox version!

your dc is dead. possibly the fuse inside the DC blew out(power surge). maybe the power cable is no good anymore. try plugging into another wall outlet. but yeah, sounds like your dc is dead

you CAN fix it, but it’s a bitch, and really not worht it… you can get one from used for $20

Yeh i think im gonna take the “ used for 20” route fuckin xbox marvel sucks:mad: