My Dear Fellow Bison Brethren

Have ye gone on Twitter and bitched to Ono concerning Lord Bison?

Make sure to do it.

His account is:!/Yoshi_OnoChin

This may be our last chance, and other characters surely are doing it. They may just hand out nerfs (Twins guaranteed to get hit), but it doesn’t hurt to try.

I already done my part, I mentioned the motion on Psycho Punisher, I said if you MUST keep it charge shave off start up, I asked for either 20 points back on stand heavy kick or make crouch fierce a viable anti-air, and I asked for +10 damage on scissor kick to compensate for the damage nerf on Bison’s best anti air, poke, normal stand heavy kick.

So I want to hear what YOU have done. Post what you have tweeted to ONO here. There is power in numbers.

Nothing will happen IMO. The character is fine for the most part. Could use a slight damage boost and maybe unthrowable reversals.

That would be nice. I either want nothing or a slight buff. Did you tweet this!?


Want em to buff cr.hp :slight_smile: That is all

I want all his normals to deal chip damage

Cr.HP for sure. Buff it up, yo.

so you guys tweeting or just posting stuff here >.>

A bit off topic but what do you think will happen to Bison considering the nerfs they’re probably going to hand out to some of the cast

If they are smart no changes or some minor buffs. Personally I am pulling a wait and see since Capcom isn’t always that smart.

Well, at least they are smart enough NOT to listen to some players’ continuous whining.

To the original poster : buffing Bison would be absurd considering he’s already stronger that 60-70% characters in this game. The point of rebalancing is making characters more balanced (duh), not making your favorite character the new god tier.

ok if this game is balance, why there is Tier?? (duh?

Fist of North star, the good example of unbalanced balance.
Bison is strong, but that just the freaking number, and he is more double edge sword style combine, he have best offense and some of worst defense int the game.
since WORST defense in some case is one of his prime point (no solid anti air for sure, people jump in for free, and I can try AA but once I miss the cost is greatly at Bison disadvantage) and why his offensive also getting nerf?

for whining part, if majority the people was not blocking (the round house) and blame is over powerful, look what they did to honda? the player start leaving honda.
I don’t believe balance is the goal, if balance is the goal should be like this:

the point to buff bison is that at least we try to get our offensive back, so much character still around that can CHOSE totally refuse to play bison game, they have fear for his stuff for long, the keep away game is ONLY way they have guaranteed win, if you want to play for win like guaranteed win in MU/in tier, Bison is really not your friend. We bring hype before Andre/Andyocr/Tuc/Kim1234/ grandmaster etc, but ever have consistency?? no

if you want hypes and play close range game with Bison, you know what I am talking about, and his scissor range increase kill this already, and he can’t get back in free like some cast did, Akuma can pretty much breeze walk and keep him AWAY the whole time, and refuse Bison totally, even patient SIM can did the same.
yeah I am not bipson, but I mean even top tier player have problem and have good win/lose ratio with bison, why not just give his sht back??
some 7/3 and 6/4 MU is not GOD TIER character should have, you can almost said trash tier because if you hate Bison you will get a Guile.

so what should i tweet to him ?

i think he should have a damage increase and a solid aa.

but theres no way of that happening :frowning:

I sent him a dead hooker with the phrase “change U2 back to QCFx2” carved across her chest

Why are you so good? LOL

I don’t mind the slight buffs they give Bison in AE 2012. As long as Twins, Fei and Viper are getting nerfs and then it’s all good (already seen from eventhubs), but I doubt this will be the final update patch…lol

All the scrubs with those characters are gonna be lobbying hard to get some of those nerfs reverted I bet. Nevermind the fact that at least in the case of every char besides possibly Yang, they are still very viable they only had the bullshit nerfed. Poor babies have to work for their wins now.

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