My defense is trash

Hello gang…as you read in the title, my D is awful in SSFIV…especially in close. i looked a bit at frame data and such…i guess i cant get the fundamentals down. It feels a lot of times that I AM blocking but im a sitting duck. Any suggestions or tips would be appreciated.

BONUS: I cant get the timing of crossups down either…any input on that would be helpful!

Just go into a match and sit there and let the other guy come at you. Try and block everything.

Trying to find the guide Gootecks came out with a while back but i cant find it anywhere now, lol. Has some good pointers on this subject. (cross counter guide to beating your friends)

One important question…is this offline or online? lol

online…no casual offline matchups here

For crossups, don’t use HK or HP. You’ll most likely want to stick with MK or LK for most of the cast. Also, are you sure its the timing and not just the spacing?

What character are you using?

Im playing Guy. I know he has a mean jumping MK crossup but i can never seem to land it properly. i either get DPed or I get thrown or something. I guess its something that i never did because i main Cammy and her cross up is pathetic…

Guy’s cross up isnt very good. because he has a very high arc when he jumps so you have to space it pretty precisely…

i see… no wonder ive been having such a hard time landing it…thanks for the help! working on my D now!

Found the Cross Counter Guide to BEating Your Friends! …for all my fellow noobs…

ah, there you go :smiley:

have a friend come over & practice your block strings & teching throws.