My Delima.. CE + mod or wait for TE?

Hey guys,

I’ve come here for some advice on this problem I have. I’ll start from the beginning… So back on Feb 25th I pre-ordered a TE and I’m still waiting for it to come in. Yesterday I went to go see my GF and I dropped in to her city’s local EB Games just to try my luck and see if they had a TE. Unfortunately they didn’t but to my surprise they had a CE. After standing there debating weather to buy it or wait for my TE, I decided to get it.

I brought it home and the first thing I noticed is the buttons are crap and make a lot of noise and the joystick is very mushy. The case itself is actually pretty comfortable and heavier than I thought.

So here are my options:

  1. Mod the CE with a Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT-SK stick and Sanwa OBSF-30 pushbuttons.
  2. Return it; get my money back and just wait for my TE to EVENTUALLY come in.
  3. Try to sell it locally and make some extra money to put towards my TE.

I’m really torn between keeping it and getting rid of it. I’ve been waiting so long for a stick and I finally got one. If I get rid of it I’ll back to using my controller and back to waiting for my TE. I can see the CE has potential if I mod it and the case it self is pretty decent.

What would you guys do?

Thanks for any advice in advance.

do you mean the SE stick? if so, return that shit. there have been so many stories of that piece of garbage breaking down. i’ve played on one and i don’t like it at all. the stick is like an imitation sanwa that sucks ass, and the buttons are worse than the stock hori buttons on the hrap3. even if you mod it you could be left with a faulty pcb that may fail any time.

First off it’s Dilemma. Second, did you mean SE? :slight_smile:

Grammar aside, there are a few questions that you have to ask yourself.

  1. Do you like the weight? - This is one thing that I am very nit-picky about. I just don’t like the thought of the joystick moving around when I’m using it to play a fighting game.
  2. Are you comfortable with the size? - I’m not a big guy but when I play I move around a lot on the joystick. Basically I like the extra space that the TE provides.
  3. You can keep both. - I have 7 joysticks that I use every now and then. I just decided to keep them because I liked to mod and design.

To sum it up, it is all essentially about preference. Even if you change out all the stuff or if you get the TE, it probably won’t help you against the likes of Daigo.

Player > Joystick.

Also you may want to check out this post to see if you would actually want to mod the SE in the first place.

Opps… I just realized I spelt dilemma really wrong lol. Thanks for pointing that out. And yes its a SE… I see people referring it to CE and SE… I decided CE because on the box it does say “Collectors Edition”.

Good points… When I did play with it, it did move around on occasion which wasn’t fun :xeye:

I bought a CE/SE and modded it with Sanwa and recently sold it, I then picked up a TE. IMO I prefer the extra space the TE offers for my big hands. They both are excellent with the real parts in there but IMO the TE is just an amazing stick with a better case, design and weight.

That extra space on the left hand side makes all the difference for me, I just found my hand getting sore on the edge of the SE. But again I have big hands so…

If you think you’ll have someone occassionally come over to play some fighters with you, I’d keep the SE for fun so you both can fight with a stick.

I’m keeping my SE that I’m modding with quality parts so my kids can use it (and not my TE!).

Thanks for the feedback guys. As much as I would like to keep both I don’t think it would benefit me as no one else I know plays SF4 other than people I play with online. I think I decided to return my SE and just wait for my TE to come in (and the wait begins again, ughh).

Good choice. Again either stick with Sanwa parts is amazing, but I think if you can muster up a little patience you will be glad you waited.

In the SE’s defense, it was considerably heavier than I expected it to be. I didn’t have any problems with it bouncing around during play. It’s also cheaper if you’re going the Seimitsu route rather than Sanwa.

its a matter of preference really

the only reason why i bought an SE over the TE is because at the time, the SE was the only one available.

second, you just might save a bit of $ going w/ the TE

sanwa JLF + 6 buttons = $50
madcatz SE = 70

$120 total, where as the TE is 150.

lastly, modding is fun.