My desk is being bodied by ants


Little black ants, everywhere.

I had food on here and I guess that’s what attracted them but I went into full anti-ant lockdown and clean that shit. They still won’t stop coming back though. They are all drawn to a certain spot(not even the original source of the food) and there’s nothing there. Its been wiped down with clorox wipes countless times and they keep coming back. I have several indoor ant-traps around my desk but I dont think they are working because the ants just ignore them. I can’t find the source of the ants either as there isn’t a marching band to follow.

I need some unblockable setups for these ants, anyone know whats up?


get some boric acid powder and spread it around the trail they take…


I just told you I can’t find the trail man. I’ve been looking all day for it


if it’s those stupid little black ants that smell horrible when you mash them, i’ve got them too. they pretty much always show up at summertime, and they always find another way back in the house. i guess try spraying ant-killer all around your house. might work unless they’re coming in through more creative places.


Piss on your desk


Spray the entire desk and their route with Hot Shot insect killer. Collect the dead, and repeat until they give up. I used this method to get rid of thousands of grease ants.

Took 3-4 days.


Sounds like fire is the solution.


I don’t know, I haven’t smelled them


Get a pet anteater


Clean your desk?


pardon my ignorance but how is boric acid effective against ants?

EDIT: whenever I look over and see “desk” in the thread title, i automatically it’s some ridiculous combo video. wtf is wrong with me?


How are you gonna create a thread with a title like that and not provide pics?


Did you even read the first post?

It was hyperbole. Its not like my desk widgets are moving around on a carpet of ants


Buy some cinnamon and spread it on your desk.

I repeat, cinnamon. Not only is it the ultimate ant repellent, but it smells nice. surround the desk with cinnamon and put it on the problem spot. They’ll be gone within the day.


mix the boric acid with sugar and then the ants eat it and die…works for roaches, too.


What is it about cinnamon


Get some ant killer and drop it around potential entry routes around your room. A layer of that shit and they won’t come back.


Title is SERIOUSLY misleading. I was picturing a couple hundred of them just flipping your shit like Baki and talking shit about your miso being too salty.


Yo, yous a slob dog. I mean, I eat at my desk, but I dont leave shit sitting there. You had to have left that shit there for a while for a mad ant dash on it. slob

p.s. Throw the desk away. Learn to clean up after yourself.

edit - Im not hatin’ though. My brother-in-law is a freakin’ slob. He’s been coming over here and hanging out and I gotta clean up after that fool all the time.


I dunno, just try it. They’ll be gone in no time.