My Dhalsim Videos



Hi, I’m LCZ II Aquarios, 4xxxpp, maybe not the very best Dhalsim, but you know…
Here are few replays of mine, gimme your opinion guys :wink:

VS Valmaster (Best Chun-Li in the world) (2nd best french player)

VS RaGe Seratna (Best Adon in Europe)

Other replays on my channel :

Thank you :smile:


a few thing that i see at the moment:

a) you neutral jump too much, stay on the ground and control the space from there
b) you dont utilize st. rh at all, you rather anti air with st. mk for much lower damage.
c) once you have super stored, you’re going nuts to land it and do dumb stuff, like repetetive yoga mummy, you need to stop that asap, you took a lot of damage because of that.
d) you randomly teleport to the back of your opponent, try to cover your teleports with fireballs and sometimes mixup the directions. You need to force your opponent to at least block the fireball, if you dont, almost the entire cast can simply spam jab and interrupt your attempts.
e) last but not least, you avoid fireballs almost exclusively by either neutraljumping or backjump hk drill. Try to incorporate slides into your fireball game. If your opponent goes autopilot and does a fireball motion you can punish his whiffed normal. Baitable and easy damage should always be considered.

As I said, these are the thing I came across while watching some videos from your channel, not all though.


Thank you FeistyFree, everything you said it’s true, I’m working on it :wink:


New stuff :