My Doa4 Stick Mod

Using chippermonky’s tutorial with some slight difference.

For the stick itself, instead of using the pcb that came with the sanwa stick, i just left the microswitches from the original doa stick. i took the four microswitches and put them on a sanwa base. so basically, everything is the same as chippermonky’s method except for the microswitches. I was too lazy to desolder and then solder these wires again. I screwed the microswitches into the sanwa base first. I took a sanwa octagonal gate, make some grooves where the screws would have gone through put it on top finishing off the stick.So for my version, the screw does not go though the gate but through the switches instead.

Another difference is, instead of adding a nut to make the stick higher, I switched the balltop to a Sanwa Battop instead, The throw and height is right and perfect since the stick sits so low. Feels great.

This mod was purely hellish to do as the pcb isn’t that great to work with. The stupid ribbon connect the 4 buttons to the main pcb came loose pissing me off. And something kept getting shorted even though and put electrical tape all over.

Here’s the finished product.

Didn’t take any pics inside because I don’t want to open it again. Like I said, this mod was too time consuming and hellish to do.

Special thanks to Chippermonky for providing me with the Sanwa Battop and Snap-In buttons and of course his tutorial that got me started.

most definately this, T5 is cake.

this stick was shit… was worth it, but i will never ever do it again unless i have to.

and me for giving you the bat-top for free :wink:

Supra, need to ask you about emulinkersf and supraclient later :). Didn’t know you were the author of that stuff till like 2 days ago lol.

huh? author of what? not sure what your talking about man…

Damn thats nice, I have the EX2 stick[VF5]
I dont like it.
The buttons are good to me but I dont like that ball or a joystick.
The one you have is better to me.

Oops, got you confused with supraFAST