My dogs chewed through my controller cable!

I have the Hori UMVC3 fight stick and my dogs chewed through the controller cable -__- does anyone know where to buy a new one so i can replace it? Thank you!


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Good luck!

Thanks for that

Thanks for the video, however i opened up the arcade stick and the usb cable part seems to be easily replaceable. I would rather have a brand new one so if anyone knows where to get a new one it would be much help, thank you!.

Wait wtf? Finish watching the damn video. C’mon now dude, we are plenty helpful but we can’t exactly do this shit for you and send it by e-mail.

ah mmk sorry, i saw that the vid was 21 min so i thought “tl;dw”

so people hand you your answer and you think “tl;dr?”


Yes, sometimes i do. ANYWAYS i watched the video, and it’s pretty useless, i’m a college student i don’t have a soldering iron, he should have just sent the 5 min video in the first place. Thanks for sending the vid that had the link though!

well then pay a local modder to fix it for you.

Wouldn’t your school have potentially dozens of soldering irons in the shop or labs?

A soldering iron is around $20 at radioshack, and solder will be around $5 more. It isn’t the best stuff, but it’s more than enough to help you learn how to solder, and soldering is a skill that you will find very useful later in your life. I recommend you do it yourself, but if you really do not feel confident soldering to your stick, I’m sure you will be able to find somebody who can help you in your local scene. Check the local threads and see if your town or general area is listed. If so drop on in on the next meet and see if anybody can direct you to a local modder who can help you out. Some of them may even do it for free if they have enough spare cords laying around from padhacks.

Lol i bought a soldering iron when i was in grade 3…

I found that the 1/4 pound of solder of Spark fun is quite a deal, and the stuff works very well for a lead free solder.
You think it is a older lead base solder on how it behaves.