My drawing

Hi everyone, i’m new here

i was wondering if u guys could give me your opinions on my drawing…

The drawing may not be that accurate, in fact his gloves are missing, but that’s because i think it looks better without them… ok i forgot them really

Oh well, i’m still kinda new at this, i can only do simple poses for now

all criticisms are welcome

Thanks you guys

This belongs in the fam art forum. This forum is for discussion of the comic.

I felt it looks good. I like that he doesn’t immediately look like he’s gonna eat livestock raw. It gives a sense of growing power and or evil in him. The fists are a good example, they look to be glowing wih power and rage :slight_smile:

man this is an ugly picture and this shouldnt be any where on the forum.

…sorry, but that was rude, I mean come on …

Like someone already mentioned this should be in the fan art forum.

Also it should say “Killing Intent” since “Killer Intent” gramaticly incorrect (and killing intent is the way Capcom puts it)

As far as the pic goes, look at these two pics of Ryu that Aaron Masik did, they should give a better perspective on the pic you’re trying to do

Errmm… cheers mate(?),

To those who have criticised me posting it here - I’m sorry, but being such a big fan of the comic book series, i thought i’d be able to get an honest and respectable opinion on my drawing from those who also love the comic!

That doesn’t look like a good ryu either. Good try though. Oh and jz chu you need to work harder if you want a better drawing. Good try though.

Ah, yes. Meet Sweet, SRK’s resident fan art asshole. He’d’ve been banned by now if he weren’t so entertaining as a result.

The first Ryu pic was based off an official Cacpom artwork that looks exactly the same, and the second is pretty good to the point that its something you’d see in a Capcom artbook.

And if you dont think these are good, or this artist is good, then Id like to see you find a better picture of Chun Li thats drawn on note book paper compared to this one

Oh and since you think that art was bad, I hope you have some art of your own that shows how a good pic should look like, ie its one thing to critique/critisize a piece of artwork, but when you can draw yourself you’re giving advice (when you critiuqe)

When you ask for criticism, you always get one or two kids that will use the opportunity to get more attention rather than give any constructive opinions. My advice is just to ignore all that and only concern yourself (and reply to) the stuff that helps. But if you want me to moderate or whatever, just send me a PM and we’ll work something out.

Oh, and i’m not much of an artist but the pic looks pretty cool. I really like the shading on Ryu’s headband and the lettering for the text.

See its just that sweet says what we want to, and he can cause his art backs him up. Though some tards think he draws Capullo style but his euro style rocks the crap out of these fanboys. And sweet why do you hate on Capullo?

TAS if you want to challenge me pm and we’ll duke it out. Same with anyone who has anything against me.