My Drawings: please post comment, tips, hint, suggestions, anything that will help

sorry for the long title.

well here’s some of my drawings:

art Kool-aid

well all this depnds on how serious and Far you wish to take it its up to you- Hobby? or searching for a career path…
start drawing basic shapes- cylinders boxes spheres…draw people and objects around you in everyday activities to understand the form- pick up an anatomy book/s and study from that as well-


im some what serious about this. i want draw extreme action cartoons and little funny cartoons but i have problems in the coloring area and the movement area. i dont know the first thing on how to color and almost all my drawings are just portriats. i want to learn how to draw action real bad. i guess anatomy books should help me out.

drawing aid 2

just quoting myself earlier-

For an Example of what the heck Im talking about- This young dude here has all the fundamentals down pact- try this link below
Here …in Creon’s PHANTOM HALL.

thanks guns, i’ll show you my progress in a week or two.

Seth draws huh. Nice start, but yeah what Gun already said. You should definitely hit it up with anatomy books and study artist that influence you.

thats crazy man, alpha 3 is good.

tip #1: Think about what is under the skin of your characters, eg Bones, muscles, organs. These all work together and have a purpose. The first drawing has little room to hold a brain because he does not have much of a back of his skull.

tip#2: Buy an anatomy book and use it, and study it, a lot.

I looked to me as if he just wanted to draw the front part of the face.

Oh my, then I’d have to say that the head should be MUCH bigger than what’s seen in here.

I’d also suggest to study the human body’s shape thoroughly and devide it into diffrent 3D objects, after that, there’s just putting it all together. My best tip would be to always think in 3D. see what’s on the other side of what you’re drawing and don’t save your lines, draw the whole 3D shape if you’re not sure of yourself.

I really like the way you draw the faces from the side, but there’s not enough behind the face. a nice trick (and it’s just a trick, don’t make it a way of life) is to complete the forehead into a full circle that reaches the bottom of the ear from behind. That’s pretty much how you turn a face into a full skull.

I see that you’ve curved the line of the back of the neck towards the head because it didn’t quite hit the spot… not very smart. if the line should at all be curved, it should be curved in the other direction. That way, you can tell if you drew the head big enough.

And on an important note: Most of the stuff I wrote here is just cheap tricks to work with. Don’t use them and think you’re all set. Definitly go check out some human anatomy.

One good website which is foll of useful images is Just avoid going straight to the anime and manga section. you can’t just rely on the art seen there… But I’d definitly hit the body builders section. That’s seeing those ultra-muscle guys you’re trying to draw in the most perfect form - real photos. Oh, and I warn you that this website has some nudity in it (like the banner which is on the right at all times for example). It’s all for the sake of art.

hey Seth, are you Ali from SNK-Capcom forums, i recognize that Hikaru character that you submitted in one of the topic from SC forum…:lol:

:rolleyes: looks like you found me:confused: