My drawings

Since I’ll most likely upload there anyway,
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Hope you enjoy!

I’m no pencil artist so I don’t have much to say besides keep practicing.

Sure will.

I need it…=/

Thats uhh…just keep on practicing. :tup:

They’re pretty good considering you’re twelve. Your cartooning is spot on, but your anime anatomy really needs some work, but what the hell am I saying I suck a drawing anime stuff. Keep practicing, you have talent.

You also might want to check the srk fan art gallery. There are a lot pro’s that showcase their work in there. Maybe you can get some tips.:xeye:
Fan Art Gallery

ohhh he’s 12. Thats okay lol. Practice everyday, in couple of years you could be the next De Vinci!

Wasn’t really aiming for the anime look…it just…happened. :sweat:

The Zero was the only intentional anime-lookish drawing. I figured he fit the style well.

swing by the fan art gallery sometime and post your stuff sometime :slight_smile:

anyway, just wanted you to know to keep observing (really ‘look’ at stuff, both IRL and in artbooks) and keep drawing. I’ve learned that you can’t improve merely by doing one of the two. You may surprise yourself at how much you’ll grow if you seriously pursue this.

Ah…no fan art for me…it’d be horrid.

You see, for my art, I have to look at things. Hence why these are all drawings of originals.

I don’t have a very good memory, so my artistic memory (if that even exists) would be worse.

I think what he means is that you can progress into drawing your own images from your mind. And one way to progress your skills is through art books and looking at other people’s original designs.

Ah…I’ll try that some time.

Still not posting it though. Like I said, it’d look horrid.