my drawings


Half human half elf…


a Helf? lol i like your style


imao i did not think of that XD,thanks



Interesting drawings, I enjoyed viewing both. :slight_smile:


thank you very much im glad you enjoy it,here’s my recent one drawn again with mouse.



sorry for double posting but i have something new so i post it anyway, here’s another mouse session.

upcoming work need some advice comment on this sketch

enlarge one

okay here what i notice her hand is kinda wonky but i would love to hear more from ou guys.

new one which i think really belongs in this forum


sorry guys for triple posting <_< but i have here my own creation of sakura this is Really my first post of street fighter characters and hope to post some more soon(street fighters/kof).Please give me comment on my work and critique as i know you guys got an eye for these kind of things thank you.



nice drawing


What are you using to draw/ color these?


its 3 programs actually (ms paint/corel painter/photoshop) although im just using minimal colors on it.Any questions?


Why are you using mspaint if you have painter/photoshop?

Nothing wrong with triple posting if you’re posting art haha. Cheerio, bub.


I’m also wondering this.

Do you have a tablet?


Thank you dreaded fist i feel like interviewing for a job XD lol anyway im really happy you appreciate my work although a feedback/crit about my work is also welcome. About using mspaint it because due to i use mouse and draw it directly on computer then retrace it on corel and did some base coloring then finalize it on ps. Heres sample of quick sketch i did before making it to a lineart

@koh: yup i just recently bought one its only graphire4 but im really having manuevering it and it was shaky when i make a line…how to i avoid it? it gonna take me months before i get used to tablet.



Well, don’t be afraid to give it some pressure, Ive had mine for 3 years and the stylus
still works fine.

Make sure you get the drivers.

Try using normal “stroke” practice techniques, if you are shaking with the stylus, you might be either, not pressing hard enough or need to relax. Maybe even watch what you eat, I know that when I’m hungry I shake a bit on the tablet.

Seriously though, after a while of using it, it’s all too similar to drawing on paper, but you should definitely spend more time drawing on paper than on a computer at this stage.


@koh thanks for giving some helps on tablet im really having a hard time using it just bought it last monday.Yup its better to work on full stomach i agree with that or drink beer with it Xd about using pencil i think i might post some of my old works 2 years ago since my pencil skills are really rusty now.This is my old work i use some movie banner as my model and began drawing.

update here’s my new work done in tablet as you can see it still needs refinement i always end up in wonky lines when i use the tablet any help?Btw i did not install the software for tablet as my pc detect the device should i still install it?


Yeah you should definitly install it, it can make a huge difference in the sensitivity of the device, atleast it did for mine.


its my version of sakura XD