My drawings

Here’s a few of my most recent drawings, not SF related.

They’re promo pieces based on my graphic novel which is currently in print and on sale.

I like them.


A lot actually.

Very nice! I like the styles in each one; especially like the coloring in the 1st two pics.

It’s all the same style, just different tools used.

I like the yellow and green design (3rd one), did you draw it by hand then colour it in photoshop?

Less emo guys…

More chicks and tits.

Bears too… and snakes.

i really love the first two drawings. the colors are so vivid and bright. very nice

my only complaint is, and this is only judging by what you posted… but i think you should try not to hide the hands of your characters.
then again, it may just be a coincidence with the limited amount of drawings you posted.

Looks Like you’ve got some serious Tetsuya Nomura influences going on here, especially with those first few pieces- very “The World Ends with You”. Some of them had a Kingdom Hearts vibe, especially that one with the guys in the cloaks.

They’re not hidden. They’re just drawn that way because of the subject or, in the case of the one with the white background, I ran out of A2 canvas.

But seeing as everyone’s going to be picking it apart, here’s some hands.

no one’s going to ‘pick you apart’, just trying to give you an honest critique.

the best hand is the third strike chun li pose. i think your weaker ones are the ones done digitally.
keep it up, man. that ryu piece is fucking beast

Thanks man.

so many hands, i need feet to counteract the effects!

great stuff dude, didnt realsise that was your ryu (y’know the one that should have brown eyes :wink: )