My Drawstick Entries

I did a darkstalker and a SF character for the contest, here they are;

Here is my Darkstalker entry, its based loosely on this myth;

His name is Datu, the mythical king of black spirits in Malaysian mythology. He uses a sword that can cut through anything, and razor sharp claws that slice through the soul of his enemies. His servants are the black jins. The bird on his shoulder is called “Bujang”, a deadly spirit who specializes at slicing throats. The ones with the glowing eyes at his feet are the diziens of Kaseteran, or the land of ghosts where Datu grudgingly rules alongside Siwa, his eqaul in everyway. Datu decides to battle the Darkstalkers to gain enough power to finally defeat Siwa and completely rule the spirit world.

Special Moves:

Bujang’s Flight (HCF P): Bujang flies from Datu’s shoulder and flies across the throat of his target, causing blood to spray.

Eidolon Slash (HCB P): Datu’s claw vanishes into the shadow world and reemerges in another location to slice his foe (button pressed determines the angle of cut)

Consumation (360 K) : The denziens of Kaseteran merge to form a huge beast that rises from the ground and consumes Datu’s foe for a brief time. While consumed, Datu recieves whatever health was taken away from the victim.

Here’s my SF character:

This is Eliza Rainfeather, a Native American from Canada who is an expert of the incredibly rare “Dog Soldier” style. Dog Soldier is an actual fighting method developed by the Souix in the late 1800’s to fight off the U.S. calvary. It is said to have been developed by Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull right before the Battle of Little Big Horn in 1876. After the massacre at Wounded Knee in 1890, much of the techniques of the Dog Soldier style were lost.

My character “Rainfeather” is modern girl who is obsessed with perserving the ways of her people. Her father trained her and her brother in the Dog Soldier fighting method for protection against bullies and the like. Eliza took the training seriously while her brother merely used it to show off to girls. Sadly, both her father and brother were killed in a tragic accident, and it pushed her to hone her growing fighting skills even further. When her family enters into serious financial trouble, Eliza quickly signs up for the fourth world Martial Arts tournament, hoping to use the money to save her family’s home, and to test the limits of her ancient fighting style.

Ht: 5’6
Wt:110 lbs
Nationality: Canadian
Fighting Style: Dog Soldier
Likes: Television, Spaghetti
Dislikes: Cars, darkness
Special Moves: (Coming soon)

Rainfeather is sort of Balrog mixed with Guy and Maki. Lots of fast hand attacks and high mobility.

Very cool entries,

I dig the Darkstalker the best.