My Drawstick entry

i did a Rival schools character and maybe I’ll do a Darkstalkers one in the next week or so.

Times almost up yall, August 31st, 12 midnight!

nice concept man, i likes…his fingers and muscles look awkward but besides that , good stuff

thanks. How come you didnt color any of your entries?

i hate coloring…but im gonna redraw Andres and Afa and color those dudes before the deadline.

what the hell, i’m not going to say this is good but it’s a million times better than that dragon ball crap you were doing. man keep drawing you’ve made the biggest improvement here!

That looks pretty good Deonysios.

hehe, Sweet isn’t that bad at all I guess. An more positive comment this time hehe.

Whats all this about Drawstick? what comp. Whats going on?

Nice entry by the way. Who won the Summer themed Street Fighter comic contest?

eh thanks everybody

I appreciate that one Sweet. Yea, I finally gotten myself away from DBZ. I got another entry im doing and its for darkstalkers. I’ll post the inks later on today.