My dream of a perfect fighting game is wrong?


I mean, I need a fighting game like this:

-No Juggles.
-No long air combos.
-The characters cant bounce in the ground.
-You cant hit a character on the ground.
-No autoblock
-No Broken inputs.
-Combo Breaker for at least once.
-Parry or Just Defense.
-No super comebacks from Supers.
-Not too complex.
-Not too simple.

Is there any GOOD game like this?


There’s probably some obscure fighting game like that, but the reason why it’s obscure is because it sucks. Just play some variant of SF2 if you want 90% of those things.


You shortened the possibilities to 1% with the Parry/Just Defense stuff… the only game that can be “close” to that is… i don’t know… Weaponlord maybe?


…The hell kind of fighting game is that? I don’t even think your “dream game” exists. What kind of game has no air combos but doesn’t let you hit your opponent while he’s on the ground?

EDIT: In fact, a game like that would be broken from the very beginning. Just jump into the air, hit your opponent, sit on the ground the rest of the match, and you’re invincible. You won. Whoever gets the first strike wins.

And this is way too subjective.


…are you being sarcastic? Oh god, please tell me you’re being sarcastic.

On-topic: Just go play Garou. That’s clearly what you want, and it is a fantastic game.


Standing/crouching != on the ground (knockdown).


Ah, I just misinterpreted what the OP stated. My bad. I was being stupid.

(Strangely enough, I would have understood if he just said OTG.)


Yeah I played Garou but I have other question, the fighting scene dont want a game like that?


Here ya go… YATAGARASU:
-Very limited Juggles.
-No long air combos.
-The characters cant bounce in the ground.
-You cant hit a character on the ground.
-No autoblock
-No Broken inputs.
-Parry + red parry.
-No super comebacks from Supers.
-Not too complex.
-Not too simple.
(but it’s still a beta)

I think many people will find such game boring or “bland”.


Kill yourself.


OP, sounds like Garou, ST, or 3s are the only games that come close to fitting the bill.

Or if you want something newer, Super Smash Bros. Brawl is pretty sweet. Just turn off Smash Balls and iz hardcore.


Haha oh man! how i forget that! yeah, maybe Yatagarasu is the game you are waiting for.


battle fantasia, well until you take the heat system into the equation
for the matters you have a good plethora of this kind of fighting games with all the sf “clones” from the 90’s


shaq fu


Your dream fighting game is Ikaruga.


bushido blade is your game


So you want an SF2-style game, plus parries and combo breakers? I am personally a big fan of ST, HDR, TMNT:TF, Breaker’s Revenge, FHD, and all those games, and I still think that’s a dumb idea. Why would you ever attack in such a game? If your opponent can parry your predictable attacks, break your combo even if you do hit them, and then when you finally get a hit when they can’t burst…the game has a very limited combo system so you won’t even be doing much damage. The game you are describing would be the ultimate turtle fest.


No, because the combo breaker is for only one use and if you can predict and parry all moves, we are talking of High skilled players.

Yatagarasu looks good but without online and scene…


to be honest your ideal game sounds limiting and boring


Hyper Fighting with parries. Someone make this happen.