My dual PCB (360 / ps3) with button light up mod

Hey whats up everyone… i’ve tentatively developed a dual PCB mod for xbox 360 and ps3 that also allows for button press light up too (many thanks to bencao74 and heavymetal 1776 for their help, and to Toodles and ShinJN on their excellent work on the axisdapter)…

Here’s a sneak peak of the PCB itself… sorry about the blurry picture… better pics will come as soon as i receive the PCBs in the mail (being shipped up to me in Canada from my cousin in CA as I type this):

I will get into details soon enough… I’ve got plans to make some joysticks, but first I will be testing the prototype by upgrading my arcade coffee table…

Just a warning to everyone that i’m not an expert… just someone who took a huge risk and threw caution into the wind :wink:

Here are two vids of my existing arcade table. Please go here for details on this particular build.



More info about the PCB: it was designed for portable joysticks. I’m just adapting it for use in my arcade table before i finish building my portable joysticks.


Old x-arcade and LEDWiz components removed. RGB-LED wiring has been de-soldered:

SPST switch (previously for switching table LEDs) has been replaced with DPDT toggle switch. Left position will be Xbox, center position is off, right is for PS3. The white stuff is epoxy putty (the DPDT switch is smaller than SPST so i had to fill the space in to reinforce). No turning back now!

If the PCB makes it easy to have epilepsy inducing buttons like that second vid I’m down for one. :lol:

Yeah, those do look pretty fun.

How did you do the 360 side? Or does the 360 pcb get soldered onto there

:pray: WOW, LOVE that first youtube vid … me want !!! :tup:

Definitely interested!!!

The epilepsy inducing flash was done with LEDWiz, which requires an active USB connection to the computer (not very practical). I’ve ripped out all of the wiring, which included x-arcade wiring (i built this table with leftover parts)… That vid is just the “before” shot… lol… re-wiring of the table for this mod starts tonight…

Right now i’ve only made 22 PCBs, about 9 are spoken for (7 for me, 2 promised to Jayducky). Beyond the other 13, i’ll have to re-evaluate whether or not to make more because there is not much money to be made and a lot of support that comes with it (the basic premise behind the PCB is not complicated, but the implementation is a tad involved).

PS3 is done though a FFC ribbon cable. The 360 pcb will require soldering as per usual (on a model 24 controller). The reason is that particular model has only two common grounds. The PCB is designed only to handle up to two. I suspect recently manufactured controllers only have 2 common grounds, but the only way to find out is to crack open your controller and follow the PCB traces :smiley:

The other end of the wires attach to the PCB either via soldering through the via holes, or through a connector. There are no components installed on the PCB at the moment… It will all become very clear in the next 2 weeks :smiley:


looks great. I’m looking forward to the things work!!Keep on!


PS: The table is unbelievable good!

Thanks Jochen!

Originally i planned to provide power to PS3 pcb via usb, and to 360 via charge and play USB (I have power, but no computer or console connections inside my table… i prefer to keep it as wireless as possible). There has to be a way i can provide current directly to the PCBs. I read 2.2v and 1.2v and two grounds to the four battery pins on 360… hmm…

Update 2


The base of the table is finished, except for 3.7v AC adapter. I’ve decided to go with three AC adapters to power this thing since I have the room. I want to power the 360 and PS3 PCBs directly with an AC adapter and bypass the whole rechargable battery / usb handshake problem. 360 controller uses 3.0v (or 2.2v and 1.2v if you connect power to the pins meant for rechargable battery pack. PS3 controller uses 3.7v. There is some tolerance for higher voltage (batteries are usually a bit higher in voltage than what they are rated for) but I didnt want to take a chance to see if 360 would accept 3.7v. All my LEDwiz’s are also already soldered for 5v connection. I have the space for 3 AC adapters, and although its not ideal, it saves me some trouble…

So in short, 5V connection is for all the LEDs and for the dual PCB boards, 3v to power 360 controllers and 3.7v to power PS3 controllers (still waiting for 3.7v adapter to arrive in the mail).

The following pic shows how the 5v adapter is wired to the DPDT switch. Position 1 will connect XBOX 360 related ground, position 2 is off, position 3 will connect PS3 related ground. The second pole switches the anode on / off at position 1 and 2 (same thing). I’m also providing a general ground for non pcb specific purposes (future expansion).

These are the connections on the base of the table being fed up to the table top. Next up will be LED wiring followed by PCB wiring


My custom dual PCB’s have finally arrived! Time to get to work… :smiley:

cheers, I want one :slight_smile:

I think I expressed interest for a few of these before.

Thank you purplearms.

my jaw dropped in the first vid. That is some awesome stuff.

Update 4

Update 4:

Thanks guys… i’ve got a few extras, but i’ll wait to see how this works out… in the meantime, here is a pic of the PCB assembled with all the components:

Here is a pic showing the installation on player 2 on my arcade table… literally just finished it… gonna take a breather and then test it out! I decided to be lazy and just wire straight to the pcb rather than use the connectors…

It so cute.
I really want.

i’d be very interested in this when you’re ready to sell them

IT WORKS!! I’m relieved…
One little wrinkle to handle with the joystick, but i’ve tested it and it works on 360 and PS3 as expected… You can even use this to operate both consoles at the same time… lol

If there is enough interest, i’ll set up a group buy and manufacture some… i expect to finish my arcade table by next week sometime… more pics and vids to come…

good job!

you can mark me down for one, maybe 2 already.

Nice, Congrats!!!