My E. Honda is almost unbeatable

hey Spicules i will own ur hibiki with my ehonda and i dont just sit back and do the headbutt, if i see u on live you’ll see what im talkin about

my ryu is unbeatable! i will tell you my secret strategy because it is so difficult no one can do it!

  1. I do a hadoken

  2. You jump then I do shoryuken

  3. repeat

WHOOPDEEDOO! Let’s all jump off a bridge! Was it really necessary to create a thread on how good your chr. is. That’s like me saying “My Kyo is so good” or “My Geese is unstoppable” or “My Hibiki ownz all Honda’s”. People who don’t know you won’t care because they haven’t seen you play. You could have just PM the guy.

wow burgy’s strategy is just like DGV’s

MY honda is the fuck mother fucking best, it’s got a spoiler that looks like it was designed by Boeing, an interior that was probably also designed by Boeing, a muffler you can fit your head into, and the car has been lowered so much going over speed bumps scratches the bottom. I call it the rice rocket.

oh wait, we’re not talking about civics, my bad.

my maki/eagle would rape your honda:wgrin:

my kindevu would beat your maki/eagle :wgrin: