"My eFeelings are Hurt and I Want to Whine About It" Thread

Here you go, @TheWanderer

You can finally vent your frustrations in the appropriate thread.

Fuck off.

get back to writing shitty finance articles that 3 people read

Those aren’t the type of articles I write, though I am flattered you remember at least that much.

the better joke probably would have been gunbound teamkills with bleet

Most of modern SRK couldn’t even begin to appreciate a bleet reference, Evah D.

You guys with your name changes. God. I can’t keep track of you.

RIP Gunbound. Killing ourselves with shit aim and wind was the best.


Fuck Koreans and their addictive “free” games that are really just scams to milk your wallet with micro transactions.

Also, fuck this thread, stop being a bad example for the new people dumbass. They make enough shit threads as it is.

No, no - this thread is a prospective gold mine.

Now all we need are a few of the braver dullards from the OT thread to venture in here.

A thread dedicated to me? Why, thank you.

u’re that hurt huh.

nice reverse psycology shit newb. when in fact your e-feelings are the one that’s hurting.

You’re the only member I’ve seen where the years you’ve been here outnumber your age.

Time to bring back METAL GEAR KALASHASKA?!!!

dude is mad sandy in the vagine.

oh my bad I don’t use to go on here 24/7 lurking… I actually got shit to do other than staying on here.

who the fuck works in WRITING/HOKAGE wannabe at the same time… are you serious? that’s a tough job to do chump. but if that’s what you love, I aint hating.

during your break… you lurk/troll on srk…
getting own by thewanderer… PRICELESS

P.S this fool thinks he can starts shit n get away with it. mofo hides behind other people and let them talk for him. HAH. i’m here now, come and get some HOKAGE buwhahaha!!

I don’t understand the purpose of this thread, nor do I know who the TheWanderer is, all I know is Razor’s posts are rage inducing to the point of epilepsy.

Beneath the list of click-able options regarding individual posts(Agree, Insightful, etc) i’d like there to be something to the degree of “full-retard” added.

'cause i’d totally be clicking it for both of these jackasses right now haha.

@Raz0r is there something you’d like to share with us bruv? Make fanfic with Bulma and chesty blonde from Bleach

the fool is a homo or some shit dedicating this thread to me, da fuck.

he’s LURKING at this second but afraid to post… BUWHAAHAHAHAH!!!

@razor look at my avatar. BWUAHAHAHAH!!