My EVO 2k7 Resolution

Most people who have talked to me post-EVO know how disappointed I am with myself. Getting beaten down so badly by Alex Valle is one thing, because I kind of expected it, never having fought a good Ryu in my life…and then having to face THE best Ryu in the USA. I have no problem losing to another respected American player like Alex, and I have massive respect for him.

But the way I let Tokido by to qualify for top 8, and then go on to inevitably eliminate many top US players and basically ruin AE finals with his bullshit CE Bison tactics, is just unacceptable and unforgiveable to me. I could have won that match so easily by just counter-picking, I’ve had SO MUCH practice against CE Bison training for EVO, but I let my fucking pride get to me and HAD to mirror match the guy again and again. Which led to my inevitable loss in AE and single-handedly fucking up things for the USA and for the entire tournament. Anyone watching AE finals will admit it was total ass seeing Tokido win with laughably scrubby CE Bison tactics.

Not only did I let my friends, my team, and the entire East Coast down, I also let my country down. I’ve found it hard to live with myself these past few days, but I’ve finally let it sink in, and I know what I have to do.

I’m laying it out right now in front of everyone:

Next EVO, I’m challenging Tokido to a set in ST (since that will be the game played once it’s released arcade-perfect for PS2 in November). There can be money on the line, or not, it doesn’t matter to me. But here are the real stakes:

Regardless of how the loser of the match placed in pools, qualifiers, or anything else, if they lose the match, they will not be able to participate in the semi-final brackets of ST at EVO 2k7. This means that even if I win EVO East ST again, but I lose to Tokido, I completely forfeit my spot in EVO Finals for ST and any chances of making top 8.

I feel this absolutely has to be done. I have to prove that I care enough about my country to put it all on the line in order to make EVO a better tournament. This is the only way I can think of to make up for what I did at EVO 2k6 and be able to live with myself in the Street Fighter community.

If anyone knows how to contact Tokido, please notify him immediately of this challenge.

I’ll see you all next EVO. USA for fucking LIFE!

wow…forfeit their spot? that really doesn’t seem necessary

you didn’t let anyone down but yourself, usa lost because noone in the top 8 was better than tokido.

but to bet that if you lose that you will not play if you make it to the top 8 is another show of your pride getting the best of you. Why prove that you are better than one man, when you can prove that you are better than everyone by simply winning the whole tourney? Like you said you had never faced a good ryu before so why not worry about that instead? im not saying that you shouldn’t play tokido, but i think you might wanna retrack your bet of your spot in the tourny. You never know if tokido will beat you with something that you easily understand after the match, and that you could beat him later in the tourny.

i just think you might wanna decide to bring the stakes down.

btw im just a random scrub so if what im saying is stupid then don’t bother to take what im saying into consideration.:looney:

noooooo dsp, nooooooooooooo

why would you do such a thing

everyone in america wants to see you play in top 32

please don’t risk your tournament life versus tokido

if you lose and i don’t see you play in top 32 or top 8 i don’t know how i will survive


I don’t think i could wait 360+ days for a rematch at nationals. I would just end my life right now…

The KinG of HATE!!! Do what you gotta do, i’m not sure tokido would be down to forfeit money.


I don’t know how good your memory is DSP, but…
-Didn’t Valle beat you with ryu at evo2005 in the 3v3 ST tournament?
-Also didn’t Tokido defeat you already in ther evo ST tournament in 2005 to get into the top 3.

Uhh what the fuck.

No offense DSP, but I think this is rather dumb idea isn’t it? To be honest I was laughing at how Tokido won by just playing casually with the CE Vega. I don’t think Tokido was even taking it seriously cause I’ve never even heard of him play AE or ST before. So I’m guessing that is his character of choice so if you challenge him in ST he might not do so, maybe will do so but probably not for the loser not getting a spot in the tournament, I think that is the most uncalled for.

And plus, you said you’ve had tons of practice against CE Vega beforehand, you’re a good player and this year just happens to be not your good one, better luck @ next year.

tokido just picks up the cheapest character in any game. Quicker that way and with his good execution and basic understanding of fighters he seems to do pretty well.

yeah I didn’t really understand the random hate dsp was shouting out during the finals for tokido. Yeah it was pretty scrubby but hey there was too much money on the line and he played the cheapest way he could to win. He wasn’t even taking it seriously I don’t think

This bet/challenge is dumb. Why would tokido risk tournament pot for a pride match for a game he doesn’t play. If tokido even comes next year, it’s ST, a different game. How well tokido did shows how good he is in SF in general or how unbalanced HSF2 is.


(stupid cahracter limit)

its a huge matter of pride to you DSP, but what incentive does it give for tokido?

if he wins, well, then he just won again.

if he somehow loses, then he’s out of the whole tournament?

why should he even bother?

no offense phil but homie you are taking this shit WAAAY too seriously. I dont think you let anyone down because although Im assuming you are aite at this game I dont think anyone was depending on you to do some great thing for the “us”. I think it was players more like valle and them who the us was riding on for our country. why dont you just practice hard and come prepared not to lose to that guy next year instead of trying to gain attention this way. goodluck next year big dawg.

yup what soo said.

It isn’t your fault. The rest of the WC could have counter matched Tokido as well but either didn’t or failed in their attempt to do so. Did it suck seeing a CE Bison? Sure but Tokido didn’t win the tournament and was put to a stop eventually. And on the bright side only 2 japanese made top 8 in AE and only 1 of them in top 3. So it wasn’t that bad. Besides Alex Wolfe used CE Bison a couple times too. So it isn’t like it was just Tokido abusing him.

But if you go for it, good luck. But keep in mind it isn’t your fault.

yea i think the thing is, no one expected you to get top 8 anyway because we all know you aren’t that good (because you have no one to play with!) and just got lucky at Evo East, so it really wasn’t a let down for us cause we never expected anything anyway

if it’s the 3DO version of ST or some other random port (ps1) no one ever played and all the hit boxes and other random stuff is messed up I might have put some money on you getting top 8, but not in a game/port that everyone plays

My resolution for next year is to move UP in pools for any game I participate in. :lol: Very basic and sad resolution but…I had a bad beat at my first big event.

After watching a whole bunch of (insert whatever character name here) against CE Bison, I still think people were working WAY too hard to beat CE Bison. All it really takes is one knock down, and then it’s tick/throw for the win. CE Bison has absolutely nothing on wakeup, so jump ins are free on him. Take advantage of it!