My experience with fang

Hello everyone,

New here, but been lurking for years. I’m not sure if this new thread is even allowed (I will suppose it is, being a forum after all)

First off, as a sf player since sf 1, and all throughout sf 4, I have never main’d a character as hard to learn as fang. His charge moves are unorthodox (down, up + p for a horizontally traveling poison ball?, weird), but that’s exactly what interests me about him. While I do come from a charge character background (I used to main blanka) he still feels totally new. I’ve been able to zone out and keep away some beginner players but I’ve been losing a lot to more experienced players online which is a normal and expected part of the process of learning a new character in fighting games.

I must say though, once you get good at creating poison ball walls and mixing it up with ground poison and v skill, you realize you can make your opponent play sloppy because if he loses his composure and starts to panic, his inputs and timing will be off. He is a mix of blanka, balrog and dhalsim which is very exotic and unusual if you ask me. One of the things I like most about him is playing footsie’s and poking people with his awkward normals.

Please share your experiences when using this can please share your experiences when using this character.

You’re right, this shouldn’t be a new thread - or at least, that’s my understanding of SRK character subs. This topic fits into the General nicely.

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I’m getting better with fang, winning much more now that I’ve been training and watching pros play on YouTube videos. For fang players I recommend not getting frustrated. He has a high learning curve especially if you are used to playing shoto’s. He feels like dhalsim with the projectile mix ups but his lunge feels like balrog. He has an Arsenal that when mixed up unpredictably , poses infinite possibilities and is a hard read for opponents. His zoning game must be one of the best in the game IMO.

Winning with fang is satisfying because of how hard it is to play him. I feel he is a character tailor made for intelligent players and not your typical button mashing newb.

I concur wholeheartedly, I have been winning lately with F.A.N.G by utilizing his resets and normals. I played a better F.A.N.G online and his zoning/mixup game was frustrating. Have to keep practicing!!!

Hey there Dark, perhaps we can exchange some good techniques and game plans with fang? What do you do as soon as the match starts usually?

How are you combo’ing into your critical art?

What are your bnb combos?

Meh I agree that FANG is fun to play but this sounds kinda elitist. All characters (even dem braindead shotos) are hard to master and what’s easy for one person can be hard for another. For instance, I find Rashid quite difficult to play even though he has a “mashy” playstyle because I am naturally more of a defensive player.

I guess you’re right, it’s subjective I suppose. I wish we could get a poll or consensus going on who everyone thinks is the hardest character to master.

I have’nt practiced how to set up my CA yet but I’m going to start as I type this.>.c.mkxx ex ryubenda> lunge
J.hp>s.strong>s.mkxx ryubenda or ex lunge are some of my go to combo’s easy to do, safe as well. As soon as the match starts either I throw out m. fireball>ryubenda and his v.skill or a combination of the three but I normally start out zoning just to get a feel for the character.

We can trade anytime brah, iron sharpens iron.

Omg I am wrecking it in ranked. I just started and I’m 4-1, after spending the last week getting familiar with fang in casual mode I finally built up the courage to fight in ranked thinking it would be harder but so far nah! I’m good it seems so far. I think there aren’t too many great fangs out there or something because this surprise factor is working to my advantage. They don’t know about this purple wall of poison, my footsie, nor do they know my mix up game . I recommend getting real good at fang before you get into ranked. That goes without saying I guess.

I have been hesitant to use F.A.N.G online as my record is so so, but I definitely want to start because like you said good F.A.N.G players are few and far between.

I’ve been having the EXACT same experience. That surprise factor is no joke.

I am 12-4 online with F.A.N.G and I am getting better with him slowly but surely. There definitely is a surprise factor, but I been watching some good F.A.N.G players and the pressure he can apply is sick!!!

Its funny, I started with Karin since she is my bae and for some reason I ended up liking FANG, I don’t even remember how I started maining him but he just clicked.

I used Chun Li alot in SFIV, it might be the charge character in me. I do know how to use Karin but I keep going to FANG. its hard to just say one day i’ll play Karin. I would like to though.