My experiences with custom made acrylic

a little background. i make boxes from wood and mdf, but this one shot box i had made for my brothers birthday from some industrial plastics place in town.

i designed it pretty big for his hand size and for how i wanted everything mounted.

the acrylic is 1/4" all around and top. the only pieces that are 1/8" are the top plexi and the bottom plexi.

the original image is actually nothing more than a tiny spot with the wording and the chains were not as long. i had to properly crop out the main image, recreate the lettering, glow, expand the chains, and recreate the background. i think i could only have done better if i had actually drawn the image myself.

the buttons on the left do not interfere with gameplay at all. there is no mounting plate, instead i choose to mount the actually casing inside without the metal mounting plate. it’s a jlf but i had cut the holes for an LS32 so until i get some plastic welding glue it’s attached with super strong double sided tape i literally have to hit it with a mallet a few times to get it to detach from the case.

the NAUSB port in the back is to close to the buttons. poor planning on my part. so i had to make a custom usb a connector that is about 1/4" in length from a piece of breadboard. no pics of it sorry, i’ll post it if someone wants.

overall i’m kind of satisfied with the box. it’s sturdy and heavy but the people that i had make it for me really rushed it. the dimensions are way off from what i wanted, including radius on the corners. the cpanel (not the art cover) does not line up with the box properly. can’t be fixed because it’s plastic welded together. this was really a test for them since i had planned on getting my other designs mass produced for affordable blank boxes. needless to say i won’t be going back to them.

the bottom is attached with brass inserts.

after testing with a few scraps of poly carb and acrylic at home, i was able to produce a mini version of this box using coffee cans hot glued to a table as the form. heated the acrylic and bent it around the cans. put a cover on the form and ran it with a trim bit. 20 minutes and i had something that was 200% times better than this.

my brother was glad but im not. i might just redo it from scratch myself.

artwork is printed on vinyl.

this was a one shot design for my brothers birthday that i will not reproduce in these dimensions. besides, the one i wanted to mass produce is way slicker :slight_smile:

Great job, that looks pretty damn slick.

I’d like to see what your mass produced version looks like if you’re not happy with this one.

Very interesting layout to say the least!

The way the 3 buttons are clustered in top left should soothe the people who complain about hitting the start or select buttons while playing. I’ve never done that myself but apparently it’s an issue with some people.

I’ve never seen a 3-button layout like that before. It’s unique, different in a nice way.

I am concerned about a screwless joystick mount, though. Is this really a good long-term solution?

Also, what are the overall dimensions for the stick base you have planned? The design in this photo looks interesting as it is… What’s next and could you preview it – show a picture?

Also, possibilities of a different button layout… something like the HRAP 1/2/Tekken 5 Hori stick layouts? I can play either HRAP 2 or 3 layout myself but some prefer a straigher less kinked button configuration.

Just warning you in advance that some people are going to ask for a different 30mm pushbutton layout…