My Experiment with War Machine

War machine plays almost just like Ironman and the transition took me no more than six hours.

Things I noticed:
Proton cannon is useless, doesn’t seem to combo off of s.hp x missiles x PC as someone said earlier. Even if it did combo, there is a risk of the opponent getting juggled for a total of 7 hits or even worse, blocking. Always end infinite with xx war destroyer

Warmachine can’t OTG off the
Timing is a little slower for warmachine’s
Warmachine DOES NOT combo on sentinel
All infinite setups and infinites remain unchanged
War machine has a much quicker airdash

In general, play war machine like ironman but adjust slightly for the timing differences.

War machine < Ironman

Well there’s that completely irrelevant match vs Iceman…

IIRC crouching Jab, crouching Strong xx Shoulder Cannon xx Proton Cannon connects, you just have to get used to the timing. Combo into Jab Repulsor Blast xx War Destroyer does the same damage, and DHCs better if you have Sent or Storm or Mag comming in next.

Also the unfly infinite is harder with WM outside of the corner, I think.

his lk is the slowest move ever >=[

Unfortunately so.
Does anyone know any effective air juggles with War Machine?
For some reason, his j. MK proves to be problematic in combos.