My Falcoon X-box Skin

Meeting Falcoon at E3 inspired me to make a skin for my X-box so I did. I just wish I made it before had so he could have signed it along with my Mai Posters :sad:

Oh well Just wanted to share!

That’s awesome. Funny, I just recently stumbled onto Falcoon’s art a few days ago. Man’s amazing. But for real, that skin is tight. :tup:

Thanks! Yeah his artwork is too damn good!! I wish I could find it all it seems scattered between many sites including his own.

man i love how everyone looks except Ken and Chun li

Yeah there are 2 versions of his Ken and trust me that one is the better of the 2 lol!

Yeah, it’s hard tracking his stuff down. Do you have any suggestions on where to look? I understand he did some stuff for Guilty Gear which I’m kind of curious about.

Ok the thing about falcoon is, he’s been online since god probabaly 99, but he took a good portion of his old art down so you will probaably oly find 2002 and up. But you cna find old art of his if you google, alot of fan sites and other sites put up his old art.

This is the best site I have found for his artwork you do have to join but its free and its worth it.

Here is another good one that I couldnt find on a search engine I found through a buddy enjoy!

Wow, thanks. This is great. But I’m having trouble joining with the first one as its all in French. I thought I picked my way through the signup process alright, but it’s telling me my name and password are invalid. Did you used to have this problem?

Sorry for the late reply but no I didnt have a problem at all. IF you have a google search tool just right click and choose transulate. Should be easier to thumb through it. Also make sure that you confirm through e-mail. Hope that helps!

varao with the hot shit once again

No problem, thanks for responding. I guess I didn’t make the connection with the e-mail until I used their on-site translation feature, and I found out that in my account I had apparently unwittingly requested five additional passwords. None of which, including the latest, work. When you say to confirm through e-mail do I have to send them something? Sorry for all the questions but this is confusing me more than I’d like to admit.

Those Falcoon artword are really badass, but man does Ken look ugly.