MY FaN Ar+

Hello new postin some street fighter fan art with MOD1st in other thread.but this thread will be for art that i do all myself.pencils ,inks and color.
hope u like it

heres a redesign of chun-li

heres a morrigan with a comic book character known as dawn

more fan art,coming soon

Seroiusly very nice style you have there man. This style is pretty fresh on this board.:smiley: Really like the 2nd pic’s colouring… what is that? PS or watercolour?

Welcome to da forum.:smiley:

New blood on the boards i see. yeah it is fresh like 12 said. Different coloring and look to both pieces, but drawing style is definitely there.

thanks guys.the secon one is in watercolor.hey SFMC are u the one who won the Street Fighter fan art in the comic?

heres a Faye from CowboyBepop.the lines sucks,very jagged,but,hehee.

Great Pictures!!

Oh, and welcome to the Fan Art Gallery

Nice Picture! Keep at it!

thanks for the welcome travis:)

heres a wolverine redesign.

cowabunda dude!

this one is in acrylic

20 minutes on this one

wow. your style that is displayed throughout every picture, yet they all seem done in a different way. great works. keep it up. become a professional and draw for comics.

thanks man!:smiley: