My Fan Fiction Page

I’ve been around for a few months now, and I have a few fics in the making:

1.Valentine’s Day-A series of oneshots featuring different couples within the SF spectrum

2.Criminal Element-Cody Travers is in jail once again, and as he falls deeper and deeper into insanity, Mad Gear resurrects and wreaks havoc on Metro City.

3.Mortal Share-Abel goes on a quest to recover his lost past, meeting with wacky friends, and even getting himself a pretty little girlfriend.

4.Black Tears (reloaded)-A remix of my orginal story, featuring my OC and Charlie Nash as they go through a series of insane trials of love, and trying to stop Shadaloo-A Sailor Moon/SF Crossover

5.Kuolon Tanssi-Follow Akuma as he searches for his greatest challenge

6.I’m your biggest fan-Abel gets the chance to meet Fei-Long, but in the middle of their fight, Shadaloo interferes with devastating results.

7., 8, and 9 are BS Oneshots.

  1. The Many Deaths of Charlie Nash-Another series of oneshots where in each ending, Charlie dies.

:open_mouth: Niko-chaaaan!

I didn’t know you were around here. And damns, you beat me to posting fics XD I’m too scared to, if I must be honest.

Mortal Shaaaaare :smiley:

I just joined yesterday after catching word of a Philly tournament, not a lot of people showed up, and from what I heard it became a Sagat fest.

Go for it, what’s the least these posters can do, I’ll have Charlie send his brocolli farts over the interwebs. SONIC BOOM! :pleased:

XD tempted, ever so tempted. Though the prospects of getting jumped for M. Bison x Vega is probably high so Immah wait XD

The Nash story is epic!

Which one? There’s a few. And Black Tears isn’t done :stuck_out_tongue: