My fanart to SRK

Hi guys, Im used to draw stuff since I was a child, Im no pro artist, I like to do it for fun, spend time, relax, etc.

I usually dont color my work, and I only use a pen, so its pretty simple, you’re warned :lol:

I love Street Fighter fanart, I really like to see how other ppl can interprete a character, so I felt like I should post some stuff Ive draw to other ppl that appreciate it just like me, maybe someone like it or gimme some tips.

Ok, lets start…

-----Street Fighter-----


Juri (I’ve made this one at college on the first day I saw her, so she is not 100% accurate, cause I couldnt remember well about her)

Chun-Li alt costume


Urien alt costume


Guy 2





Sagat’s flowchart (the joke is in portuguese, also the word “Robocop” instead of “Uppercut” is an old school joke about Street Fighter II voices here at Brazil, but the flowchart itself isnt that different from the Ken’s one that probably u guys already saw)


Sagat (yes I know, I did a mistake with the scar >.<)

Sagat Focus Attack

Rufus alt costume

Ryu alt costume

Ken alt costume

Dhalsim alt costume

El Fuerte alt costume

Guile alt costume






-----Guilty Gear-----


-----King of Fighters-----




Let me know If you want me to draw any other character just to see how it will look like :tup:

I’m pretty sure posting anything with nudity is ban worthy.
So I think you should remove the Chun Li one before a mod notices it. :\


And the Juri one too-unless that’s just cameltoe :p.

yeah. watch out dude =P
cool pics tough

Chun is wearing a spandex, look at her neck, and yeah thats just a cameltoe on Juri :lol:

EDIT: Well, in any case I edited both of pics and removed the cameltoes and nipples:


Chun Li

Unless some mod allow these kind of stuff, I will keep those edited.

you should thank Okuma & PhinnyCupcakes for saving you from a ban.
no nudity on SRK allowed, period.

oh and welcome to SRK :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking a look at my drawings, I also updated the main post with a few new ones, hope someone like them.

wow stellar! what i like is that you dont just draw the characters, you really ADDED stuff. definitely submit post of these at the SRK challenge thread

as for requests, Im kinna shoto-partial. anyway we could see your add-on ideas for ryu and ken?

Thanks for your comment, I really appreciate it.
I didnt knew about that thread, Im gonna draw more stuff and post there.
And ur request is taken!

Great stuff man thumbs up

Ah thanks man, you’re too awesome.

I love the hell out of this pic. Too funny and the way you drew all the individual’s in that pic -> :tup:

Just note that perspective can play a very big part in your drawing

Really dig the Gen, Oro, and Blanka pictures. :tup:

I’d like to see what you can do with Dhalsim, or maybe a Darkstalkers character?

Thanks for all the comments!
I did an alternative version for Ryu and I will draw something for Ken later, same for a secret Darkstalker character wich Im almost finishing :wgrin:, then Dhalsim.

Personally, I really would like to see Ryu in game like that :wgrin:

Update time! Waiting for more requests :smile:




Great work, I would love to see what you can do with El Fuerte, any ideas you have for him would be great, especially with your skills :slight_smile:

good stuff pal

These are great! Especially the Sagat flowchart and the alt.costumes for ken and ryu. :tup::tup::tup::tup::tup::tup:

You’ve got a pretty distinct artstyle. Keep it up!

Thanks for all ur comments, thats what keep me up for more :wgrin:

Btw, I already have something for El Fuerte in mind :rofl:
Till the next bump…