My Favorite Android game?


Hi guys, just want to know if you are playing Android games. Here’s mine Tiny Legends, Dead City, and League of Heroes. Thanks!


Moving out of FGD since none of those are fighting games.


I actually like Ruzzle, Catan and Great Big War Game. Lately i have found out that lots of my facebook peoples are playing Candy Crush Saga, so that’s something i picked up and enjoy playing.


Yeah, me too. I love playing Candy Crush Saga. It’s very addictive.


I’ve been playing Temple Run and Temple Run 2- they are decent I guess. Just played through Manuganu- that game was bad ass, but short.

Of course, Angry Birds is up there, but I haven’t played in months (I guess it got a little old, but I remember liking it a lot when I played it).

Gotta say my top favorite is Gunman Clyde.


I got this game called Laser Sheep… Shit can get balls hard… Also, gba cough cough


Am i the only one that feels that the asskicker and big_bird are bots?


Guess it’s just me rocking KOF Android (kof xiii)…


Temple Run 2 and Bad Roads!!!


more like asslicker


I only play Ingress: The Niantic Project


Funny bots made a thread and it turns legit.

Anyway we do need some good games posted, I see a whole marketplace of shit, and like zero looks good to me, except a few game I cant even run.

Namely the last gen GTA’s (3/VC) and a couple Need for Speed games. Everything else looks like trash.