My favorite character to watch is so frustrating to play

Hi, I’m in a pretty messy situation. I love to watch Zangief gameplay, and I love the character itself; by I have the most aggravating time actually PLAYING him. It just doesn’t feel natural/uncomfortable. On the other hand, I feel very comfortable with a character that I despise playing with. Has anyone else dealt with this issue before? What are YOUR thoughts?

Happens all the time. Many times I’ll want to play a character before I ever touch a game and once I get my hands on them something doesn’t gel. Gotta find your happy medium. Could always come back later and something might click.

I’ll chime in.

You watch tournaments and love what you see with the characters that the pros play.

You go online and its not the same, why? Because 95% of online players are novices. You cant get tournament-like play online, its all a bunch of laggers who dont take the game seriously. So yeah Zangief will be extremely frustrating to play due to the fact that no one plays footsies online, they just do whatever it takes to score a win the easiest and laggiest way possible.

It’ll probably happen to me with SF5. I’m already in love with Karin, but her play-style (rushdown/Rekka from what I understand) is something I haven’t had success with in fighting games.